Where is thermal imaging used and what is infrared camera?

Infrared cameras are sophisticated and accurate devices designed to determine the distribution of heat on a surface.  At the same time, a non-contact control method is used to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. This is especially important for the diagnosis of moving systems and mechanisms.


All infrared images can distinguish changes in heat at a distance, protecting people regardless of weather conditions and under any conditions.  Therefore, a thermal imager and an infrared image are used in a wide variety of branches.

We propose to consider in detail each of the niches in order to understand how common this technique is.


To measure the temperature of contact or conductor using standard methods, it must be de-energized. This will lead to cooling and, as a result, to a decrease in the measurement accuracy. Therefore, in this niche, it is necessary to use infrared images, which are excellently handled by thermal imagers for industrial and private use.

Assessment of thermal insulation during construction

You can often hear that the builders have ruined something: there are constantly drafts in the apartment or office, it is cold in winter. In this case, the infrared image is used to confirm the quality of the walls. With an infrared thermal imager, you can quickly and accurately locate heat leaks and provide additional insulation in that area.


In conditions of strong smoke, it is always difficult to navigate and save a person. Thermal imagers are widely used in the Ministry of Emergency Situations and fire departments. This allows rescuers to see a person, in whatever condition he is, in the dark and in smoke. Using an infrared image, a firefighter can determine the safest escape route, bypassing the hottest and most dangerous places.

Military actions

Currently, new equipment entering service with the troops is often equipped with thermal imaging cameras by default. This makes it possible to conduct combat operations with great success in conditions of limited visibility (fog, smoke, darkness). Infrared imagers easily detect enemy personnel and equipment. Also, such devices are used on drones and other equipment with remote control.

thermal imaging in Military actions

Hunting and tourism

Hunting thermal imagers are now the norm, not the exception. Of course, many hunters oppose this technique, arguing that the animal also needs to be given a chance, and not to complicate the already unimportant conditions of its life. However, more and more young hunters are turning to thermal imaging devices when hunting. This simplifies aiming and ensures that the target is detected regardless of obstructing branches and fog.

In addition, these devices are now often used in tourism. After all, it is very easy for a guide to find a lagging tourist in the forest or to avoid meeting a predator with a thermal imager. As a result, no matter how much the public is against, thermal imagers in hunting and tourism are already widespread. Things could change even more in 10 or 15 years.

Medical checkup

What is infrared camera in medicine? This is an examination of the body using an infrared image.

 infrared camera in medicine

Thermal imaging cameras can diagnose local inflammation, cancer and other diseases. Also, devices are used to identify an infected person in a crowd by their temperature. This allows a person who is dangerous to society to be quarantined and treated without the threat of virus spread.

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