Webinar Solution

​​A webinar is an educational, informative or instructional presentation that is made available online, usually as either video or audio with slides.

A webinar may take the form of an academic lecture or some other type of presentation, such as a business conference. Because webinar attendees connect online, they can use Internet-based technologies to enhance the experience, for example, communicating through instant messaging, file sharing, using a whiteboard collaboratively and interacting through social media.

Features of Webinar

  • Unsurpassed quality

  • Sustained performance

  • Stand-out innovation - that also fits in

  • Share Presentations

  • Live/streaming video

  • Real time audio & video

  • "Always on" responsiveness

  • Learning domain expertise

  • Uncompromising commitment

  • Allow presenter to highlight the item or line

Multiplicity of VMukti webinar

1. Video + Chat with Registration via Email.
2. PPT + Video + Post query option.
3. PPT + Video + Chat with secured Username & Password.
4. Video + Chat + Secured ID & Password.

Technology Diagram