Webinar vs. Webcast: what is the Difference between both?

Webinar normally involved larger groups of participants, and generally include power points and slide shows, and are not as interactive. In webinar you can use multiple broadcasters, presenting to your group. Any webinar often require user registration in advance via email. In webinar you can allow for ask questions to the presenter only, and it can usually a good features that can be monitored and turned on or off.
Benefits of Webinars:

1. Awareness and Ideas: The first purpose to love webinars is that you get the chance to make a sense of event around your ideas, value and information. This attracts attention and builds traffic and positive awareness. There is both a direct attraction to something “live” and newsworthy, but also the viral impact of people sharing their intention to attend, and a third party/affiliate promotion opportunity.
2. Promote a product: Webinars are the perfect platform to sell and promote products such as books and videos. During the webinar, the speaker can reference clips from a video or pages from a book they are trying to promote. At the end of the seminar the audience can be directed to a purchase page or be given more information on how they can obtain the product.
3. Communication and questions allowed
4. Data list Building and Audience Creation
5. Engagement
6. Training and knowledge friendly environment

Webcast are same alike to other forms of “Broadcasting” Information, as they use the internet connection to broadcast information that is either live or has been recorded. It can be either audio and or video transmissions. There is no communication between broadcaster and end users that who can be attending or viewing video for the webcast.
Benefits of webcast:
1. Larger audience: More than 90% of the industries reported a growth in their capability to influence out to bigger audiences. As for why attendees select webcasting to in-person events.
2. Reduced costs: Webcasting allows industries with partial costs to spread out to their goal segment similar no other medium can. Approximately 60% of the respondents thought that webcasts helped cut costs related with in-person meetings such as travel, hotel, venue, meals etc.
3. Higher revenue: Webcasts reduce the time occupied to do commercial. For example they brand it easier for industries to interconnect variations to their teams and progress employee efficiency. Webcasts can be used to communicate with client on innovative products and services, thus reducing the lead generation time.
4. Content is King: Webcasting offers industries the chance to be as inspired as likely via several presentation practices and multi-media.
5. Engage a global audience: Make it easy for potential clients to understand and retain your communication with streaming audio, video and even PowerPoint slides.

6. Differentiate yourself from the competition: Give life to your corporate standards and communication to stand out from the crowd.
7. Increase your brand awareness: Use a personalized webcast player that reproduces your business look and feel and also shows your communication, standards and any other information.

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