Live Webcast Solution

VMukti effectively tries to remove the barrier communication by bringing in its ‘Video Streaming & Webcast’ Product on the table. There is a general perception in developing countries that buffering of video is unavoidable while watching but that’s where VMukti wants to bring in a paradigm shift. Be it sports organizations, movie studios, educational institutions or business behemoths, each one of them are reaping the rich rewards by offering webcast on the Internet.
If VMukti has created a dent in the web-casting market, it is majorly because of the kind of services it offers in different packages catering to the needs of the clients..

Key Features

  • Ad Free / No Third Party Ads

  • Live Text Chat

  • Cloud Recording

  • Event and Video Archive

  • Event and Video Archive

  • Event URL

  • Local Publishing Server

  • Live Embedding

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Password Protect Streaming

  • White Label Player and Embeds

  • Local Recording at Broadcasting End

  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

Live Webcast and Streaming services


  • Average Bandwidth –500 kbps (latency up to 500 ms)

  • Streaming Delay – < 2 sec

  • CPU Usage – 2 to 6 % (For Participant), 6 to 10 % (For Host/Broadcaster)

  • Memory Utilization – 40 MB (For Participation). 91 MB (For Host/Broadcaster)

Make your live events live

The webcast services that VMukti provides can be viewed on internet throughout the world as well as on smart phones like BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and Tablets. Our premium package is designed for those clients who do not have a specialized IT team dedicated for webcast purpose.

Live webcast your product launches, conferences, seminars, and events on the web and also on leading mobile devices and reach a wide base of audience world-wide.

  • Conduct online events with limitless attendees at a time.
  • Archive your live events and make them available to anyone, anywhere, after the fact.
  • Effortlessly reach an amazingly broad and diverse audience, from 50 to 50,000 participants.

Take advantage of our technology to manage your event

We understand the importance of keeping your events live to a long time to the vast audience. We never compromises instead promise you the uninterrupted live events with even a dial up connections.

  • Get your events planned and prepared with an experienced and expert practitioner.
  • You will get online support as well as the telephonic support.
  • Make your future events more interactive and successful by learning best practices from our veterans.
  • Get real time guidance and technical support during your event.

Technology Diagram