VMukti Live Webcasting, Video Streaming Broadcast.

Webcasting is fast becoming the go-to communications tool to educate, engage and connect with all type of viewers. It is fast, real and extremely price effective to stream live your events, conference, annual corporate meetings and repetitive events such as employee on-boarding, product training and compliance.

Webcasting with VMukti is simple because we have our cloud technology with video compression and bandwidth aggregation. We’ll take care of the details, so you can focus on your business.

Live broadcast lets you offer live stream of event sessions and press conferences to support you for increased brand recognition and help your company to extensive viewers. Broadcast services have great recording and editing capabilities, and at a time that is most convenient for them. This make webcasting more On-Demand and user friendly than webinar or web conferencing services that tend to be more geared towards smaller and more defined audiences.

A Successful Webcast depends on the basics. Webcasts should be able to handle hundreds of people with the ability to expand to thousands if need be. The fewer downloads needed, the easier it is for you, your presenters and your audience.

Why VMukti?

As a proud parent of a disruptive software technology that has enabled high quality interactive video streaming at low bandwidth, our motto is to bring out a massive transformation in lives of billion plus people through incredible innovation in video communication technology.

In few words, the mission is simple:


Benefits of Video Webcasting:

  • Reaching geographically dispersed audiences
  • Maximizing branding opportunities
  • Delivering targeted, specialized content
  • Robust reporting
  • Access Control
  • Campaign Management
  • Live and on-demand distribution
  • Message can reach audiences around the world
  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Proven audience engagement
  • Better retention of content
  • Dynamic presentation of ideas
  • Metrics and analytics

Key Features:

  • Ad Free / No Third Party Ads
  • Live Text Chat
  • Cloud Recording
  • Event and Video Archive
  • Event URL
  • Local Publishing Server
  • Live Embedding
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Password Protect Streaming
  • White Label Player and Embeds
  • Local Recording at Broadcasting End
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming


Live Webcast of any events enables you for telling stories and explaining complex things. Now a days so many people or viewers are visual learners they just sit and watch live broadcast, they will just collect content more easily which creates a richer and more memorable experience.

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