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Most Trusted Video Conferencing Solution for Virtual Rally for Election in 2022

The new year is here, and the headlines are grabbed by two topics: Omicron (the new Covid variant) and upcoming state assembly elections. As we’re writing this blog post, there are more than 18 Lakh active Covid cases in the country.

Such a massive rise in cases has resulted in the Election Commission banning physical election rallies. However, the show must go on, and political parties have resorted to virtual election rallies as elections are just around the corner.

It is imperative that these rallies serve their full potential. The efficacy of these rallies largely hinges upon the Video Conferencing Platforms that political parties use. If the platform has any minor problem, it could waste lakhs or even crores of investment and negatively impact the people.

VMukti: India’s Most Trusted Platforms For Virtual Rally

VMukti is a video conferencing platform that allows you to be physical like Virtual Rally for Election. It’s a one-stop virtual conferencing platform that seamlessly manages your election rallies, promotional events, marketing events, conferences, trade shows, and many more.

VMukti has been at the forefront of video conferencing solutions for more than a decade.

VMukti has served government, non-government, corporate, and event sectors with end-to-end technology integrated Virtual Rally for Election platforms for over a decade.

Let’s see some of the unique features you get with VMukti:

  • Custom Branding: With VMukti, you can customize your election rallies with your party logo and other visuals to enhance the impact on the audience.

  • Interactive Rallies: Today, people want to listen to political leaders and wish to interact with them. VMukti allow you to do that in real-time without any delay or lags.

  • Physical Like Rallies: With various customization options, you can create an environment like a physical rally. Thus, helping your audience to minimize the distance and feel connected.

  • Robust Infrastructure: With political rallies being telecast across the nation and watched by millions, you cannot afford technical glitches. VMukti is backed by a robust cloud infrastructure to host virtual rallies with a blazing fast speed.

  • Security & Reliability: For over a decade, we’ve invested heavily to ensure the security of your events. Our events are protected by the latest authentication, encryption, and cloud security to avoid security breaches and give you peace of mind.

  • Hosted 3000+ Successful Events: Our platform has successfully facilitated 3000+ virtual events, and this experience allows us to host your election rallies in the best possible way. 

VMukti: Proven Virtual Platform in Punjab & Kerala Elections

We’re proud to share with you that VMukti proved its mettle in the Punjab and Kerala elections during the pandemic. Our end-to-end video conferencing helped many political parties to host their Virtual Rally for Election and meetings.

We got appreciative and encouraging feedback from political leaders who cited that our platforms enhanced the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Moreover, we have been serving the government and political sectors for over a decade, and we’re aware of the nuances required in this domain. You can live telecast your virtual rallies and meetings for millions of people at a time.

VMukti: Ready to Serve the Democracy in the Upcoming State Elections

As we all know, the nation is buzzing with the upcoming elections, and the voters are looking to hear from political parties about their plans for the development of the states. In such a scenario, connecting and interacting with leaders is of paramount importance.

Founded by industry experts a decade ago, VMukti is ready to serve the nation with its capabilities. We’re ready to act as the bridge between the political parties and voters to facilitate communication and interaction as discourse is the soul of democracy.

We have a huge team that is excited to be a part of the Virtual Rally for Election solution in the Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, and Goa elections. We would love to be the virtual partner of your political party. You can send an email to, and our team will be with you right away!

Thinking virtual? Think VMukti!

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