Understanding The CCTV Surveillance Camera System: Must Read Before Buy

CCTV surveillance cameras have revolutionized substantially in the last decade. But to be honest, these are not an integral part of everyone’s life when they should be. So looking through the advancements of CCTV technologies, its features and types of CCTV security cameras available in the market can sometimes be confusing. Also, looking for a CCTV security camera before knowing one’s requirement can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. So before you choose the best CCTV camera for your respective premises, you need to have a brief idea about your needs and requirements.

Here is a list of ideal questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a certain CCTV camera-

  • Does the camera consist of an inbuilt SD card slot or it depends on separate internal storage on the DVR?
  • Is it equipped with Pan/Tilt/Zoom feature?
  • What is the Image quality?
  • Does it have a motion and audio sensor?
  • Is it easy to deploy and set up?
  • Is it Waterproof or weatherproof?
  • What is the number of Infra-Red LEDs in the Camera?
  • The maximum range of the camera?
  • Does it have an inbuilt Hotspot or sim card slot?
  • Outdoor or Indoor Surveillance Cameras according to your need?
  • Is the CCTV camera manufacturer legit?
  • Wired or Wireless CCTV cameras?
  • What is the Price and Warranty of the camera?


1.  A Guidance to Choose CCTV Camera:-

Below mentioned are some of the basics of CCTV security cameras to shed light on factors to consider before investing in a particular security camera system-

  • Firstly look onto your requirements and budgets
  • Check the warranty (at least 2 years)
  • Understand basic camera capabilities and features
  • Study camera types and ranges
  • Comparing Analogue, HD, or IP cameras
  • Decide the field of view of cameras what you want it to see
  • Select the camera with integrated features and properties
  • Consider the need for auto support lighting
  • Consider all installation and deployment costs
  • Choose a reputed security manufacturer company

2. Can I view my wireless camera recording on phone wirelessly?:-

It is possible to view wireless camera recording on a phone wirelessly with the help of respective smartphone applications and also a web server. With a wireless security camera deployed, the video signal and with some, the audio signal as well is directly transmitted over the internet like the cloud or other wireless network to an already placed receiver that connects it to the monitoring and recording device. Consumers can easily use smartphones, laptops, computers, or Cloud storage accounts to save the video footage for later viewing.

3. Which country have largest CCTV camera network for security purposes?:-

China and India are the topmost two countries with the highest number in densities of CCTV surveillance camera systems in their urban areas. Chennai, a metropolitan city situated in India has about 657 security cameras deployed per square kilometer, making it the number one and top city in the whole world in terms of installation of security surveillance cameras.

4. What to do if CCTV Camera not working?:- 

It can sometimes be hard in understanding the problems that occur with your CCTV Surveillance cameras, which is why below mentions are some of the troubleshooting methods put together a guide to help you to fix certain issues with ease-

  • Check your Security Camera Connection and Power
  • Make Sure the Cabling Is perfectly fine
  • Check the Settings If Security Camera doesn’t work
  • Reboot the Security Camera to troubleshoot Issues
  • Check If there Are any IP Address Conflicts
  • Update to the latest firmware to solve the issues in your security camera
  • Update to the latest client software and technology
  • Reset the Security Camera to Its default settings
  • Ask the manufacturer’s tech support team for help

5. CCTV camera installation Process:-

Below provided are the basic steps mentioned to provide consumers assistance for installing a security surveillance camera with NVR/DVR or cloud-

  • Planning before installing and deploying a CCTV camera- Always purchase a security camera according to your requirements and budget.
  • Mounting the security camera at desired location- Mounting the security camera at the perfect location is an important part of the surveillance.
  • Placing the NVR/DVR or connecting cloud- DVR/NVR of the CCTV is the place where the surveillance hard disk is located and a cloud is here a place where the
  • data is directly stored through the internet.
  • Managing the cables- Cables should be perfectly set in standard security systems.
  • Connection of the wires- The wires should be connected properly.
  • Power source for the entire system- A single AC power source is enough for a security camera.

6. CCTV Camera for Home with Mobile Connectivity:-

VMukti brings you a Wi-Fi Camera with cloud storage and respective mobile application which is one of the best wireless security cameras suitable for day and night environment surveillance. Wi-Fi Home Camera Security camera comes with motion detection sensors, they spontaneously send push notifications to your device that is smartphone or laptop via an application when there is the detection of any uncertain movements. Also, live streaming can be done on home premises when you’re not present there. Wi-Fi Security Camera helps you to keep your loved ones safe and secure.

7. CCTV Surveillance Camera for Office Security:- 

VMukti brings you a Wi-Fi Camera with cloud storage and an inbuilt 4G sim slot to provide a complete monitoring solution for your offices. These are one of the best security cameras suitable for day and night environment surveillance and both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Wi-Fi Security cameras with FHD resolution are professional security camera systems integrated with modern technology and advanced features. They are also equipped with motion detection sensors, which immediately sends alert to your device via an application when there is the detection of any uncertain movements at odd hours. Also, live streaming can be done on your office premises.

8. Wireless cctv camera night vision recorder:-

Security cameras are an essential component of any effective wireless surveillance system. Advancements in Night vision security cameras enable monitoring low-lit to completely pitch dark environments without compromising any image quality. If you are looking out for night vision surveillance technology to protect your property, consider the several benefits of auto night vision security cameras equipped with an IR illuminator, which allow you to see clear-cut what is going on around the premises even at night. Nowadays night vision security cameras available are highly functional and cost-effective when it comes to security as you do not need to worry about low-quality, unidentifiable images in nighttime settings.

9. Uses of CCTV cameras in car parking:-

Parking Lots are most prone to theft and burglary all the time whether in daylight or nighttime. An ample number of cars are parked there and unfortunately are easily accessible to thieves or criminals. So there is a sheer need for the installation of security camera systems in the parking lots. Mentioned below are some of the major benefits of parking lot security camera systems-

  •  Apart from keeping cars safe, they also help with law enforcement.
  • Successful identification of culprits.
  • Recordings also provide proof of the damage done to vehicles and stolen vehicles.
  • Captured footage can help protect you against false liability claims.

10. Is CCTV Cameras used in security systems and criminal investigations?:-

CCTV security surveillance camera systems when properly deployed and monitored can assist in identifying who was involved in a crime or malicious activities either directly as to when a suspect is recognized by someone monitoring the captured recording, or indirectly, such as when the captured recording shows any individual tends to be a suspect touching a surface from which police and criminal investigation department are then able to recover forensic evidence of the particular incident and catch the culprit and the law enforcement departments punish them to abide by the law.

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