VMukti’s AI based Thermal Temperature Screening System

AI based Intelligent Analytics Solution for Temperature Screening

VMukti Cloud Based Thermal Camera for Fever Screening

About Thermal Camera

By monitoring the visitor’s temperature, it is most directly known whether the visitor has a fever or not, and even further can speculate on the effect of the COVID-19 and further send employees/visitors to quarantine for treatment and prevention. pick out fever from safe place.

Social Life will not be the same post current COVID-19 pandemic phased out worldwide. People will adopt a lifestyle which requires minimum human touch and will feel safe in the protected environment.

We strongly envisage that the technology will play pivotal role in achieving the same.



  • Monitoring from safe remote location
  • Multi locational monitoring for better efficiency
  • Fast & flexible Preliminary Measurement
  • Safety of the society & Public Places
  • Fever Screening without disturbing people
  • Monitor Scenarios and Activities & Arrive at the Right Decisions
  • Maintain Records of person
  • To create a safe and vibrant place for the leisure and pleasure of the people of, and visitors to, the public space
  • To ensure that persons such as the elderly, the disabled, women and indigenous peoples, can use the public space safely


  1. Health Sector
  2. Airports
  3. Hotels
  4. Factories/Plants
  5. Corporate Houses
  6. Residences
  7. Smart City streets
  8. Railway Stations
  9. Malls
  10. Govt. Offices
  11. Retail Showrooms
  12. Prison / Jail
  13. Govt. Service Centres
  14. Metro Transfer Hub
  15. Bus Station
  16. Large-Scale venues
  17. School
  18. Subway
  19. Bank

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  • Type: Indoor (VM-72F210ACL)

  • No. of People: At a time one

  • Range: 1 Mtr.

  • Human Detection: 3 Mtr.

  • Temp. Detection: 0.2-0.6m

  • Type: Indoor (VM-72F210AC)

  • No. of People: At a time one

  • Human Detection: 5m

  • Temp Detection: 0.2-1.0m

  • 4G, Wi-Fi

VMukti's Thermal Camera for Fever Screening
vmukti ambicam thermal camera VM-72L210AC
  • Type: Indoor (VM-72N210AC)

  • No. of People: 4-6 Person

  • Range: 5 Mtr.

  • Platform: Cloud Based

  • Video : HD, Live feed

  • Type: Outdoor (VM-72L210AC)

  • No. of People: 100 Person

  • Range: 100+ Mtr.

  • Platform: Cloud Based

  • Video : HD, Live feed

Thermal Camera Technology Diagram
VMukti Camera Basic Features
Thermal Camera VM-72F210AC Feature

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