The Perfect CCTV Camera For Your Home

Most Advance Tips to choose the CCTV Camera For Home

Peace of mind is very expensive. Adding to the statement, peace of mind is not just intrinsic alone but extrinsic as well. Apart from your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, what influences your peace of mind are external factors of all kinds.

Of all such factors, the safety and security of your home and surroundings takes up a larger part of the share. When we are at work, on a vacation for extended periods of time, on a leisure walk or a date and more, our homes are subjected to all forms of threats. This includes burglaries, home invasions, hazards like fire, gas leak and more. Of late, there are newer instances of crime such as package lifting, carjacking and more.

For the uninitiated, the number of home invasions in the year 2018 in the US alone was around 1.23mn. A scarier statistics is that over a hundred of such burglaries end up being homicides.

We have no intention to scare you or make you feel paranoid about this but at the same time, we shouldn’t brush off some possibilities that are lurking silently around us as well. If these statistics convey anything, it’s the need to safeguard ourselves and take adequate measures to protect our premises with surveillance systems.

So, if you’re looking for a perfect CCTV camera for your home (or office space) and are unsure of how to go about getting one, this extensive guide will give you all the details.

Let’s get started.

Factors To Choose The Right CCTV Camera For Your Home

1. The Area You Intend To Cover

This is the first question or factor you should consider when selecting a CCTV camera for your home. To help you get more clarity, here are some more precise questions you could ask yourself:

  • How large is your home? 
  • Do you intend to survey your entire home or part of it like the front posh, backyard, garage and more?
  • How many cameras do you require accordingly?

If you intend to minimize the deployment of several cameras, you could identify strategic locations in your home and get cameras with a higher field of view. They cover significant portions of your home and can help you safeguard better with just one device.

2. Do You Want To Keep Your Cameras Discreet?

  • Your cameras could be visual deterrents, where invaders or burglars could get alarmed by the presence of a surveillance camera and leave your premises.
  • Or, you could hide your CCTV camera or make them discreet and continue recording footage in real time.

Both are ideal. However, what works for you depends on the locations you intend to cover and your personal preferences.

3. The Visual Clarity

CCTV cameras are alternatives to the human eye that keep a constant lookout for incidents and hazards. In that case, the visual quality a CCTV camera offers becomes extremely important. You could save on your budget and get a poor quality device but when you actually install them and end up looking at pixels, it’s pointless.

So, go for devices that offer commendable visual quality and are powered by WIFI. They offer you real time footage on your device regardless of where you are.

4. Do You Require Audio Input?

Most of the CCTV cameras out there are devoid of audio. However, there are models that pick up audio from the environment as well. The more interesting fact is that such models can also be used to communicate with perpetrators and warn them from doing anything. Surveillance systems powered by audio modules serve a number of benefits and are good value additions to your setup.

5. Storage Type

If you look at the anatomy of a surveillance system, it has several components such as a monitor, the camera, dedicated storage space, cables and more. Several CCTV camera models come with a dedicated microSD storage system embedded in them. Because of the fact that a surveillance camera is perpetually on and records footage, storage space matters immensely.

As you keep recording, the older footage gets automatically deleted. Besides, the visual quality of your camera also influences how much space footage takes up in your storage device. The better the visual quality, the higher the storage space.

So, consider your requirements and prefer devices with optimal storage space or go for wireless cameras that store footage on the cloud.

6. Other Useful Features Or Additions

CCTV cameras in the market today are sophisticated. They serve a number of purposes apart from simply surveilling a place. They are powered by superior technologies in terms of both hardware and software to provide added security. So, if you’re looking for advanced safety and security features, you could consider these aspects as well:

  • A motion detector that instantly wakes up to the slightest of movements in your home and sends out instantaneous notifications and alarms
  • A CCTV camera with night vision support to have better clarity on environments when lights go off
  • Wireless installations that eliminate the hassles of running meters of cables around your house
  • AI-powered cameras with facial recognition or computer vision technology
  • IoT-ready cameras that connect with other home automation systems for added protection of your home and more


These suggestions will help you get a quality CCTV camera for your home. Remember that budget is the last thing you would want to consider while safeguarding your home and that’s exactly why we didn’t mention that in the list as well.

A CCTV camera is a one-time investment that saves you money in the long run.

Also, if you’re looking for the perfect CCTV camera for your home, you could do yourself a quick favor and reach out to us. We have an extensive range of cameras that are versatile. You could talk to us about your requirements and we will guide you in selecting the most relevant CCTV camera for your premises. Check out our arsenal of cameras and talk to us today.

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