The Multi-Camera Coordination and Control in Surveillance Systems

The use of multiple heterogeneous cameras is becoming more common and prominent in today’s security surveillance systems. To perform various security surveillance operations, effective coordination and control in multi-camera systems are very extraordinary and are catching significant importance for research and attention these days.

This detailed blog aims to provide researchers and other people with a state-of-the-art overview of several advanced techniques and technologies used for multi-camera coordination and control that have been equipped in security surveillance systems.

A multi-camera system generally combines features from different cameras to exploit a scene of any event or incident to increase the output in form of good image quality.

The fusion of two or more security cameras requires prior settings in basic terms of calibration and architecture. Therefore, there are many surveys and researches performed to provide knowledge about literature in terms of multi-camera systems’ physical arrangements, calibrations, algorithms, and their advantages and disadvantages. There have been drastic development and advancement in four areas of multi-camera system applications, which are likely to be surveillance, sports, education, and mobile phones.

In the security surveillance system, the combination of multiple heterogeneous cameras and the discovery of trending Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) technology and smart security camera system has brought colossal achievements in the area of multi-camera control and coordination.

There have been proposals of different and new approaches to facilitate efficient collaboration and monitoring among the wide camera network. Furthermore, by looking and researching through various applications of multi-cameras, the first application we researched is sports; these systems have made the games more interesting in the aspect of analyses and transparency.

The application of the multi-camera system in education has taken education onto a different level, beyond the four walls of the class. The methodology of teaching, student attendance enrollment, determination of students’ attention, teacher and student regular assessment can now be determined with ease, and any forms of proxy and manipulation among students & teachers in the education system can be reduced by using a multi-camera system.

Besides this, the amount of cameras featuring on smart-phones and tablets is gaining noticeable recognition and popularity. However, most of these security surveillance camera systems serve many different purposes, like zooming, telephoto, and wider Field of View (FOV). Therefore, future smart-phones and tablets should be expecting more cameras system, or the development would be in a different direction.

Rapid advances in technology have made security cameras and specified sensors both affordable and available in the market. This has drastically changed the end goals of security, from building surveillance systems using only a single, powerful camera to building surveillance systems deploying multiple security cameras. Moreover, several types of monitoring areas require surveillance with a wide-angle view so that every area is properly captured. But manufacturing industries had not found any robust solutions with earlier ordinary techniques.

The scenario we consider by any static security camera surveillance is that if they monitor a large area, they primarily divide up the area and objects among themselves. Technology experts decided to improve existing surveillance and monitoring methods.

The problem was complex because of the limitations and difficulties in coordinating the process of multiple security cameras together.

Assumptions were then made that the multiple numbers of cameras can solve several tracking tasks, the issue was only raised to choose the most appropriate and effective camera for every task. This was then regarded as a coordination problem among the multiple security cameras, in which the main goal was to maximize the reliability of any tracking system given that there was limited processing capability available for each camera.

VMukti thereby offers every specified camera useful for each task with equipped advanced and specified features. The company is a smart cloud CCTV hardware and video analytic software provider with the manufacturer of OEM and SI. VMukti is serving the industry widely through a prestigious client base across government, corporate, and enterprise since 2007. The company assists in providing innovative, technology-driven, cost-effective products & solutions to provide a complete range of safety and security to your business and other premises.

The products are designed and manufactured with advanced and trending technologies, equipped with specific features to enhance the security of your premises and surroundings.

The wide range of products it includes is

  1. 1.Wi-Fi camera– These cameras assist in both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Wi-Fi CCTV security camera system is a cloud wireless camera that is best for residential homes and offices. The monitoring can be done both day and night time. Installation of a Wi-Fi security surveillance camera system throughout your premises can provide you with complete peace of mind 24/7. It is equipped with a 2-way audio system, with which you can communicate to anyone nearby your premises. It also has multiple specified features like real-time monitoring, night vision, cloud storage, and motion-detection alerts. The subcategory range of Wi-Fi security cameras are-

    • Ambicam smart cloud camera
    • Ambicam PRO2 camera
    • Ambicam bullet camera
    • Ambicam dome camera
    • Ambicam Wi-Fi bullet camera
    • Ambicam dome Wi-Fi cloud camera
  2. 2.4G cameras This camera is 4G clouds CCTV security surveillance camera system with an in-built sim card slot, best suitable and efficient for an outdoor and remote location. These types of security surveillance systems perform their operation on 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks. This is an ideal monitoring solution with the use of no NVR/DVR, no hassle of wires, and can also work in areas with limited or no Wi-Fi access. Due to advanced technologies, it gives instant motion alerts and real-time alerts directly on your phone application. The subcategory range of 4G security cameras are

    • Ambicam 4G dome PTZ camera
    • Ambicam 4G mini bullet camera
    • Ambicam 4G dome camera
  1. 3.Thermal cameraVMukti offers a complete preventive solution to safeguard people, the surface, and surroundings from COVID-19 and other communicable infections. It is an integrated AI-driven cloud thermal camera for contactless surface temperature monitoring and detection around your premises. This can help in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 through efficient and contact-less screening. VMukti designed thermal security cameras are the ideal solution for fever detection during this COVID pandemic scenario. You’ll be able to eliminate the risks involved in direct physical contact for measuring temperature and ensure the safety of your people. The CCTV security surveillance camera system is equipped with advanced AI technology and body temperature measurement technology to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your security systems. This can be subcategorized into a wide range that is-

    • Smart terminal with fever & mask detection system
    • AI-driven thermal imaging system
    • Thermal temperature screening system
    • AI-based thermal screening system
  1. 4.PTZ camera This camera is designed to monitor large and wide areas due to the PTZ camera, embedded with a deep learning algorithm and wide lens for a wide-angle view of the surveillance area. PAN-TILT-ZOOM technology is the most trending and advanced technology because of its capabilities to capture and monitor the large area in its field of view. The camera is subcategorized into-

    • Ambicam 4G dome PTZ camera
    • VMukti edge AI dome camera
  1. 5. 4K camera VMukti offers a 4K UHD camera which is a perfect combination of intelligence and accuracy. The camera is designed with AI-based and deep learning technologies. It is a surveillance system with active response capability and a real-time alarm system. The latest and trending deep learning technology allows this security camera to extract human and object data from video footages and store snapshots of several objects for efficient video recording search and retrieval. Some of its subcategorized products are-

    • Edge object & face detection cameras
    • AI-based face recognition cameras
    • Edge-based PTZ ANPR bullet camera
    • 4K dome PTZ camera
  1. 6.ANPR camera VMukti designed an ANPR security surveillance system as the best possible method for traffic monitoring and crime prevention. These types of security surveillance systems make use of deep learning algorithms for LPR, number plate recognition, vehicle features detection and traffic violation recognition. They can recognize number plates of high-speed vehicles across multiple lanes and paths. These cameras are equipped with modern technologies and GPU processors; due to these the security surveillance cameras are extremely accurate and effective. ANPR security cameras with specified features are more than sufficient to overcome any challenges. There are products subcategorized under this range-

    • Edge AI-driven bullet PTZ ANPR security surveillance system
  1. 7.Edge AI-driven camera VMukti designed product provides assistance to enable intelligent edge devices through AI-based camera. Edge is prominent to deliver some essential capabilities like local data processing, filtered data transfer to the cloud storage, and lastly fast decision making. The use of edge technology is all about running AI algorithms locally on any physical device by collecting data on-site. This is a highly customizable solution utilizing all the trending latest technologies. Edge is a perfectly intelligent solution to every problem because it enables complex tasks to be performed right at the speed with very low cost and high speed.

Some of its sub-products are-

  • Edge AI-based ANPR bullet camera
  • Edge AI-driven face recognition camera
  • Edge AI-based face & object detection camera

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