The Latest Technology of CCTV Surveillance Systems


Growth in the sectors of science and technology has ushered us into the digital era of path-breaking advancements across all fields and sectors. The surveillance industry is no exception to this rapid evolution with AI and machine learning software empowering modern camera CCTV systems to unlock innovative features. Intelligent video surveillance with advanced video analytics has led to increased installation of cameras in office spaces and homes as the need for constant supervision of video feeds is eliminated with these advancements. Here are a few insights on the recent advancements in CCTV surveillance systems to look forward to.

Advancements in AI and machine learning have led to vast improvements in the accuracy of video surveillance technology while reducing the costs of manufacturing them. The adoption of deep learning systems with deep learning and computer vision has led to the development of highly efficient systems that require minimal human surveillance, driving its business value higher.

The following are a few modern trends in CCTV systems.

1. Incorporation of Edge AI Systems:

Surveillance systems comprise multiple components placed at the peripheral regions of the system, far away from the central processing unit, which results in a time lag in producing appropriate responses. The Edge technology is based on the process of bringing the processing systems closer to the peripheral units to improve their response rates and enable real-time analysis of video feeds without expending human efforts.

2. Low/ No Contact Solutions:

The COVID pandemic has catalyzed progress in the field of CCTV surveillance with companies finding innovative solutions to create low/no contact solutions to be installed in places of gatherings and companies that are bringing back their employees to office spaces. These low contact solutions help screen people for COVID-19 and other diseases by analyzing their body temperature, allowing surveillance teams to protect the surroundings and themselves from getting exposed to causative agents.

3. Cloud Storage Systems:

The advent of cloud storage systems is great news for companies and enterprises relying on traditional storage systems to store and review their video feeds. Cloud-based CCTV cameras are usually released as plug and play systems that are easy to install providing remote access of video footage to the users from any device with a good internet connection. They eliminate the need for redundant onsite installations and allow easy access to video feed at all times.

4. Intelligent Video Analytics and Deep Machine Learning:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning contribute extensively to the development of highly accurate systems that can intuitively respond to various events that occur in areas of surveillance. Machine learning along with computer vision can help improve investigations and put out alerts based on alterations in the environment.

5. Cybersecurity:

Most buyers are apprehensive about storing their video feeds in digitized storage platforms fearing virtual attacks that could lead to loss of sensitive information to hackers. Advanced security systems have been developed with powerful gateways that prevent leakage of sensitive information from cyber storage systems providing users with a sense of security and peace.

6. Solar Power Integration:

CCTV cameras powered by solar systems provide great battery backup to surveillance systems preventing any loss of video content during times of power outages or planned assaults. It also reduces the amount of electrical power expended on surveillance systems, which contributes greatly to large scale office complexes and storage areas where multiple cameras are installed.

7. Camera Aided Communication:

CCTV cameras have evolved to act as communication channels allowing surveillance teams to communicate with people through the portals. Two-way communication and voice control features in-camera systems coupled with completely hands-free management of the surveillance systems have simplified the operation of surveillance systems for users.


CCTV cameras have grown phenomenally during these last few years to attract more and more users diversifying from conventional consumer bases to broader pastures. It is imperative that we understand these modern innovations to identify the most appropriate surveillance systems for our needs. More and more people are installing surveillance systems in their homes and office spaces to create a secure environment for their progress and growth and the varied requirements of people have been addressed by CCTV manufacturing companies as they release modern economical versions of CCTV cameras with flexible prices based on their features.

Science and technology have greatly improved our quality of life, simplifying each and every activity we do. A safe environment is essential to allow us to work and grow in peace and self-supported surveillance systems help us achieve this. Find the ideal camera system for your requirements with features that best suit your needs and live happily in a safe and secure world of your own.

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