The Best Outdoor Security Surveillance Camera for 2021

The safety and security of people have become a prime concern in cities and rural areas with more and more incidents of thefts and burglary reported in recent times. More people are installing outdoor security cameras now than ever before as advancements in science and technology have opened up a plethora of advanced economical choices for people to choose from to meet their requirements. Here are a few insights on the best outdoor security cameras for your surveillance needs.


Outdoor security surveillance cameras have become a regular part of household and office spaces ensuring the safety and security of people. These cameras prevent suspicious activities near your personal spaces and protect families against thefts and burglaries alerting people before the occurrence of such events.

The following are few features observed in the top outdoor security cameras in the market now.

1.  Motion Detection: The cameras are designed to detect the presence of people, vehicles or animals in the field of surveillance to monitor their movement in these zones. This helps owners stay informed about the movements happening in their surroundings. They are also capable of identifying specific people in video feeds and can be used to pick people out of crowds, improving the efficiency of surveillance teams.

2. Selective Surveillance: Cameras can be designed to focus on or ignore specific areas in their field of vision during specific scheduled periods to avoid false alarms and wrong notifications. It also allows owners to ignore busy roads and lanes that are a part of the field of vision and enables the surveillance systems to focus on areas of interest.

3. Geofencing: It tracks the location of the owners and sends them alerts and notifications only if they are away from the home or during specified periods when they are at home to prevent unnecessary disturbance to the owners. It is a valuable feature for people who travel a lot during work and spend a lot of time away from their homes.

Best Outdoor Security Surveillance Camera

There are various factors considered while selecting the best outdoor security cameras for household and business purposes. They are as follows.

Weather conditions and Wear Resistance – Cameras are designed in different shapes and models to increase their versatility of use and application. Dome-shaped cameras with a wide view and covering layer protecting the cameras add to their ability to withstand hard environmental climatic conditions and perform optimally in poor weather.

Budget – Owners can decide from a wide range of flexible prices that vary depending on the features available in the CCTV cameras available in the market. The broad spectrum of options available in different brands of cameras allows them to pick out their specific options as per their needs.

Storage and Power Source – Security surveillance cameras offer both cloud-based and centralized storage systems to buyers allowing them to choose between the different models of cameras. There are also other varieties like wireless and wired cameras, Cameras powered by a common power source or individual power source etc. These factors help owners determine the kind of camera they require to design efficient surveillance systems.

A few other factors that play a role are Camera sensors, camera resolution, Audio options, Night vision, Warranty etc. The performance of cameras under all these categories help decide the ideal outdoor security cameras for users.

The best performing outdoor cameras as per reviews are as follows:

Arlo Ultra – It is one of the best performing cameras in the market with advanced features and excellent video clarity coupled with intuitive software that keeps the users safe at all times. The only disadvantage of this great product is its cost which is quite steep for families looking for economical options of CCTV cameras.

Wyze Cam v3 – A very economical option with limited features and great video quality for its nominal prices. Lack of battery backup and limited range of vision are a few disadvantages of this small budget CCTV camera model.

Blink Outdoor – A highly economical wireless camera that can run up to two years on battery backup only, The Blink Outdoor Camera is filled with many interesting features. It lacks person or motion detection, which is the only considerable flaw in this otherwise perfect camera model.

EufyCam 2 – Good quality camera with an arsenal of features ranging from voice control to cloud-based storage supporting the surveillance cameras. The video quality is comparatively poor in night vision when compared to other leading cameras as they are pixelated and blurry in poor lighting conditions.

VMukti Security Camera – One of the best security surveillance camera models in the market that comes with inbuilt wireless FHD, eliminating the need for external sources of wire to run the cameras. They can be easily mounted to positions and can be used to store data either on the cloud or in local storage systems as per business requirements.


It is a daunting task to understand the various features the CCTV cameras come along with to decide the ideal fit for our requirements. Find the best model that suits your needs as well as your budget to enjoy your life in safety and happiness.

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