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Our advanced technology is the reason behind our excellence and world-class services. We choose only the most innovative hardware and solutions to bring you assured business success. Our cutting-edge cloud architectures offer uncompromised reliability for our clients that include the Indian Government and the Election Commission. Our core technology and ancillary infrastructure make us the leader of the video surveillance and communication industry.

  • Core Technology
  • Cloud Technology
  • Deep Learning
  • AI & ML
  • VMS / VAS

Core Technology

VMukti pioneers in innovative cloud monitoring and video communication technologies. Our core infrastructure covers 25,000+ locations with advanced AL and ML for uncompromised reliability. From face recognition to measuring body temperature, we use cutting-edge hardware and technology to provide you the best.

Our technology is pending patent, and is able to broadcast video footage seamlessly even at 2G speeds. High-quality cameras, convenient cloud storage, and advanced tools like VMS help us stand apart from our competition.

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Cloud Technology

Cloud helps you eliminate worries and costs of maintaining on-premise servers. Our cloud servers are spread across countless locations to provide you uninterrupted surveillance. VMukti cloud is also driven by AI for advanced features like face detection, heatmap monitoring, automatic headcounts, and more.

We use only the most reliable data centers to ensure the highest uptimes. You can always take advantage of real-time surveillance from 25,000+ locations around the US. Our cloud architecture also allows us to provide high-quality video communication services with full clarity of video and sound.

Cloud is the future, and VMukti is almost there!

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Deep Learning

Deep learning, as a subset of machine learning, is bringing new innovations in the surveillance industry. Being a tech pioneer, VMukti has already gained complete expertise in the AI ecosystem, including deep learning. By using a customized machine learning model, we can save your work and time.

Our surveillance system uses deep learning to automate surveillance. You don’t need human eyes anymore to track security threats or anomalies. Our deep learning enables our video surveillance to automatically detect faces, body temperature, behavior, and a range of verticals.

We use deep learning in the most advanced ways to provide cutting-edge surveillance solutions.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating a revolution in the video surveillance and communication industry. Our AI-enabled architecture uses ML to provide uncompromised security and monitoring. You can even automate your surveillance and enjoy more accuracy than employing humans.

VMukti’s advanced technology enables you to automatically detect faces, body temperature, unusual behaviors, and more using AI. Whether you want thermal surveillance for COVID or to identify your employees, our surveillance tech is the right choice.

Detect threats and improve monitoring beyond excellence with Vmukti AI & ML.

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A powerful video management software or VMS is the backbone of your cloud surveillance system. Without a VMS, you won’t be able to enjoy the advanced features of our solutions.

Our state-of-the-art VMS helps you monitor like a pro and identify security threats at a moment’s notice. You can record video footage and view real-time streams using our VMS server and surveillance infrastructure.

VMukti VMS is the gateway of VAS that includes advanced capabilities like face recognition, temperature detection, and person headcount. Our VMS is based on the cloud and can broadcast real-time streams to even mobile devices.

VMukti is a leader in AI-based surveillance in India and abroad.

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  • Complete & End-to-end Software solution for smart cloud monitoring with Wi-Fi & 4G.

  • Robust and Auto correcting Firmware; Feature rich portals & apps

  • Patent pending low bandwidth & high quality technology that can send legally admissible video footage to cloud starting a low 20kbps up to 4mbps.

  • Highly scalable cloud infrastructure; 25,000+ Locations Simultaneously monitored through Cloud Infrastructure; India Based Cloud data centre.

  • Complete Automation & Mobile Device Management; State of the Art Provisioning System

Cloud base monitoring and surveillance

Patent pending low bandwidth & high quality technology that can send legally admissible video footage to cloud.

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