Live Streaming & Broadcasting Service in Real Time

Live streaming is the broadcasting of real-time, live video to an audience over the internet.  All you need to be able to live stream is an internet enabled device, like a smart phone or tablet, and a platform to broadcast on. The most popular online video platforms are YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitter Live etc. With the help if live streaming we can connect the whole world without delay or edit. Recent research reveals that 80% of the respondents would rather watch a live video of a given brand than read a blog post and 43% of viewers are even ready to pay for live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker or performer.

While there are certain risks associated with live streaming videos, playing it safe certainly won’t get you the results you are looking for: more leads, conversions and overall ROI.

Live streaming have three stages with Features:

Before Broadcast:

  • Set a purpose
  • Choose a suitable format (like Q & A Session)
  • Select the Right Platform (like Facebook, twitter)
  • Prepare Your Call to Action
  • Promote Your Broadcast (like send out newsletter with the date of your live stream)

During the Broadcast:

  • Follow Your Plan but Ditch the Script Eventually
  • Engage with Your Audience

A behind-the-scene video gives a sneak peek to the audience of your latest product development, showing how open and transparent your business is. Your followers’ thoughts on the process are quite valuable, so you can use some of the Facebook Live tools to help you engage better with them.

After The Broadcast (Extending the life of your live stream):

  • Keep Promoting Your Video on Different Marketing Channels (like YouTube)
  • Analyse Your Video’s Performance

The analysis will let you see whether you have achieved your goals, what went well, and where you failed so that you can make things even better next time.


A live streaming video is one of the most powerful ways to share unique content and reach your target audience. Marketers love this format for good reason, as they can see tangible results. It is an excellent way to showcase your brand with its services, products, company culture and people while being more personal and interactive with the audience. VMukti Company provide the live streaming of webinar and webcasting of different solutions.

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