The solution helps warehouse in preventing any malpractice resulting in transparent operations by real time

Intelligent alerts generation from our hybrind edge and cloud based analytics engine including identification of suspicious behaviours We match all the specifications as per the guidelines and we are the OEM for the IMD and VMS/VAS.

  • Manufacturing/Warehouse

CLOUD BASED WAREHOUSE MONITORING using AI. Warehouse, being one of the largest storage of your inventory for any large or small business, leads with example with use of next generation technologies to deliver superior experience to your goods

  • Better control at every warehouse
  • Building 24×7 security to reduce theft
  • Smart Analytics with Intelligent Playback
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  • How it works
  • Advantages
  • Applications
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  • Ultra HD CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Reducing risks and increasing efficiency with ease
  • Monitoring portal/Dashboard
  • Artificial Intelligence powered functionality
  • Real-time alarms for quick response
  • Post-Event Evidence Retrieval
  • People counting cameras at entrance points for footfall count
  • VMS Dashboard for 24×7 Live Monitoring


Vmukti’s Warehouse solution provides a perfect Warehouse Surveillance solution to safeguard your warehouses and provide you with complete control of its security, irrespective of the number of locations.

Our cloud-based surveillance and monitoring is more centralized and easy-to-use. All the statistics and analysis you may need to maintain a healthy and effective system are all shown in one place. Use our surveillance system to verify identification and close watch over proceedings. take benefit from our monitoring solution.

We provide an extensive site security audit, camera location evaluation, configuration and installation support, and virtual integration to deliver the best results. Contact us to meet your business’s unique security needs.

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