Industry Surveillance Camera: The solution helps warehouse in preventing any malpractice resulting in transparent operations by real time

VMukti offers comprehensive industry surveillance camera, warehouse surveillance that protects your premises, people, surface and surroundings. We understand the difference between the anxiety related to the security of your warehouse and the peace of knowing that your business is protected.

Leverage smart warehouse monitoring system to enable 24X7, real-time monitoring of your assets/ equipment/ employees through transparent traceability of all goods across locations.

Extensive Reporting & Analytics allows generating meaningful insights from gathered data and helps tracking performance.

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Our systems are designed to capture every minute detail of your warehouse and its processes. We focus on building & industry surveillance camera world-class CCTV systems that offer robust security to your warehouse.

Install best in class, warehouse surveillance solutions powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Language (ML) capabilities.

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  • Smart Analytics with Intelligent Playback
  • Better Control Over Warehouse Processes
  • Best in class, warehouse surveillance solutions
  • AI & ML capabilities

Protect your warehouse from all thefts and burglary events. Install VMukti’s Warehouse Surveillance Systems and provide a robust security shield to your buffer stocks.

Unsurpassed security devices that record up-to-the-moment detail – from face recognition to body temperature.

Key challenges in Warehouse Security Management includes:

  • Redundant processes
  • Poor storage utilization
  • Discrepancies in order processes
  • Lack of end-to-end inventory visibility
  • Unorganized picking and packing process
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  • Ultra HD CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Reducing risks and increasing efficiency with ease
  • Monitoring portal/Dashboard
  • Artificial Intelligence powered functionality
  • Real-time alarms for quick response
  • Post-Event Evidence Retrieval
  • People counting cameras at entrance points for footfall count
  • VMS Dashboard for 24×7 Live Monitoring

State-of-the-art IP Cameras for High-Definition Videos, Peace of Mind

At VMukti, we know that manual security is not just enough for the warehouse as you cannot detect what’s happening in every row. Our AI-led warehouse surveillance solutions will alert you on detecting bizarre. Alarms and hooters will notify your security teams to initiate quick action.

1. AI-led functionality 2. Ultra HD-CCTV cameras 3. Personalized Dashboard 4. Real time alarm sensors 5. Access Control Capabilities 6. Post-event evidence retrieval in HD 7. VMS dashboard for 24X7 live surveillance 8. Cloud storage for easy video management

Cloud-Based Surveillance Systems Crafted for Your Warehouse

All our warehouse security solutions are equipped with advanced technology. Our CCTV cameras integrate the latest hardware and software technology stack to ensure uncompromised security.

1. Trace All Your Inventory Related Activities, Seamlessly 2. Intelligent Warehouse Management 3. Warehouse Pallet Tracking & Monitoring 4. Storage Area & Environment Monitoring 5. Streamline Warehouse Processes & Maximize Space Utilization 6. 24X7, Real-time Security, Remote monitoring 7. Cloud storage for easy video management

Trace All Your Inventory Related Activities, Seamlessly

If you’re running a manufacturing unit, you must know the importance of your most essential asset – your warehouse. It’s an easy target for thefts as the burglars are aware of the fact that it stores a buffer stock from a few days to months.

1. Receive and intake 2. Inventory & Order Management area 3. Labour Tracking and Quality Control area 4. Storage Area & Environment Monitoring 5. Purchase department area 6. Dispatch Area 7. Receiption Area

Find the resources you need to start monitoring right away. Monitor footage from our CCTV cameras from command and control center 24×7. Contact us if you need help with anything.

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