Hospitality Monitoring and surveillance system is crafted to keep an eye on the complex requirements of Hospitality sectors in mind.

Serving the Hospitality Sector with Customer Surveillance Solutions for More Than A Decade. At VMukti Solutions, we understand the rising demands of security at hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other guest-serving areas. We design and install highly technical surveillance systems to cater to the security needs of the hospitality industry. We help you serve your customers better and focus on other growth areas while we look after your security.

Prevent your hotel from inside and outside damages by installing VMukti hospitality monitoring and surveillance systems and save thousands in revenue. All you need is a well installed hospitality surveillance system that can monitor the premises and give staff, security personnel, and guests peace of mind.

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Video Surveillance for the Hospitality Industry serving to hotels, conference halls, historical centers, arenas, and amusement offices, we have the expertise and range of solution to fulfill abilities to convey reliable surveillance camera system solution to clients within the hospitality business.

  • Better crowd control at high-traffic events
  • Provides effective tool for monitoring daily operations
  • Live Monitoring remotely using our VMS 24×7

At VMukti, we possess the skill-set and knowledge required to deliver the best security surveillance systems. Our security solutions are equipped with the latest technology needed to nosedive today’s challenges in the hospitality arena.

  • Cloud Based Surveillance
  • 24X7 Remote Monitoring
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Dedicated, Easy-to-Use App
  • Compact & Powerful 4G/Wi-Fi Cameras
  • Monitor Staff & Visitor Behavior
  • FHD Cloud CCTV Surveillance Cameras
  • Real-Time Footage & Live Streaming
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  • Ultra HD CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Cloud Based surveillance and Live Streaming
  • Monitoring portal/Dashboard
  • Tracking footfalls, Monitoring staff and visitor behavior
  • Real-time footage
  • Remote monitoring 24×7
  • Set up multiple surveillance points
  • Easy to use app
  • Deterring tampering of records, or misuse/ theft of hospital supplies/ resources

Keep Your Digital Eyes Open 24X7

Enhance Customer Security: Hotels, restaurants, resorts, and clubs demand quick security response time in the case of emergency to prevent loss of lives and property. VMukti Solutions constantly monitor your premises to detect illegal elements and raise security alarms (if required).

1. Security of Premises, Safety of Guests
2. Improved Customer Service
3. No Operational Difficulties, Low Storage Costs
4. Monitor Indoor/ Outdoor Facilities
5. Watching Suspects live & Protect Restricted Areas
6. Intrusion Detection

We understand that the hotel guests, staff, and property itself have to be protected; therefore, we help you constantly monitor the environment and surroundings to ensure complete safety to everyone on the grounds.

1. Install multiple surveillance devices
2. Manage all your security devices from Cloud
3. Playback your security cameras from any device
4. Record every single detail with built-in AI analytics
5. Receive push notifications for alerts on your mobile
6. Remotely monitor your hospitality business using VMS 24X7
7. Better crowd control capabilities at high-traffic events, areas

VMukti Solutions hospitality surveillance cameras are designed to monitor every nook and corner of the premises. Clear vision with high-definition video footage helps identifying suspicious activities.

1. Entertainment Zone
2. Museums
3. Sporting Events
4. Gaming / Casinos
5. Hotels / Motels
6. Large Events / Conventions
7. Health & Social Clubs
8. Restaurants

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