Security and safety at healthcare facilities are important for both quality healthcare and public safety.

Hospitals and clinics are a safe haven for those in physical or emotional need, and increasingly seen as a place of refuge in the event of a large-scale emergency such as a natural disaster or terror attack. Try our solution to get a hang of our cutting-edge surveillance system.

  • Healthcare solution

VMukti has a strong experience in delivering powerful security camera systems and recording solutions to customers within the healthcare industry, including clinics, hospitals, Govt. Hospital, and pharma industry. we are well aware of the security threats common to the industry and build systems that help protect against theft, dishonest employees, liability suits, and vandalism.

  • Ensures staff are meeting health and safety standards
  • Deters vandalism and other criminal acts
  • Live Monitoring remotely using our VMS 24×7
  • What we offer
  • How it works
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Download
  • Ultra HD CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Cloud Based surveillance and Live Streaming
  • Monitoring portal/Dashboard
  • Tracking footfalls, Monitoring staff and visitor behavior
  • Real-time footage
  • Remote monitoring 24×7
  • Set up multiple surveillance points
  • Easy to use app
  • Deterring tampering of records, or misuse/ theft of hospital supplies/ resources

Free and Fair Live Monitoring

Whatever be your need, our Healthcare surveillance system is what you need to keep a watchful eye on matters. using our cloud-based surveillance system has helped countless clients ensure safety and accountability.

  • Safe environment
  • Better hygiene standards.
  • Detection of potential offenders
  • Remote supervision
  • Safe environment is a strong positive factor for business
  • Safety of patient

Choose VMukti for complete control over situations and comprehensive surveillance. We always deliver beyond your expectations.

Our cloud-based surveillance and monitoring are apt for any event or space where risks are present. Use our surveillance system to verify identification and close watch over proceedings. Private Area, visitor Behiviour, tracking footfalls, parking spaces, theft – all can benefit from our monitoring solution.

Find the resources you need to start monitoring right away. Monitor footage from our CCTV cameras from command and control centre 24×7. Contact us if you need help with anything.

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