Make and receive buffer-free video calls on bandwidths as low as 100 Kbps. Integrate with your CRM or ERP to drive business intelligence and analytics.

Leverage Seamless Communication with VMukti’s Video-Chat Solution

Because Engagement Means More than Acquisition

Delivering a personalized communication experience to your customers is important and it demands far more than just a normal connection. End-to-end workflow is the key to delivering a seamless video experience and maintaining high-value customer relationships.

Allow your customers to connect easily with your support teams over video and bridge the gap between online communication and interpersonal interactions. Let your customers connect with your brand in the most intuitive way.

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Maintain Business Continuity, Build Trust with Video-Enabled Chat Solution.

VMukti’s customer support video call solution allows you to make and receive buffer-free video calls on low bandwidth of 100 Kbps. Best in industry Video Call Solution that integrates smoothly with CRM and ERP to drive AI-led analytics.

A solution that works will all major smartphone devices and trusted mobile networks. Get exceptional high-definition video quality and outstanding audio clarity. Call recording capabilities for better business analytics and business intelligence reporting.

Schedule personalized video calls through Cloud-based video chat solution for interacting seamlessly without any bandwidth barriers. No need to install an app or additional software for interacting with the customers, stakeholders.

  • Live video calling capabilities
  • Minimal delays and interruptions
  • Supports low bandwidth of 100 Kbps
  • Fullscreen compatibility for better interaction
  • No hardware or software installation required
  • SaaS model for better performance, productivity
  • Cloud-based platform for 24X7, easy accessibility
  • Easy integration with existing business CRM and ERP
  • Call recording features for communication record tracking
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  • Live video calling
  • Minimum delay
  • Supports low bandwidth
  • Easy integration
  • Cloud-based system
  • Call recording
  • SaaS model
  • No infrastructure
  • Adaptive bandwidth
  • Fullscreen compatibility

Benefits of Video Call Solutions

VMukti’s video call solution enables the customer and the support agents or business representatives to access the same screen in real-time. It allows for real-time exchange of information while maintaining data privacy.

1. Brand Marketing
2. Schedule Video Calls
3. Share Documents in Real-Time
4. Quick Ticketing
5. Faster Query Resolution
6. Real-time Monitoring
7. Better & Improved Security
8. Advanced AI/ML Algorithm

Browser-Based & Mobile App Based Video Calling Solution

Large business corporations are using VMukti video call solutions to utilize the power of advanced technology. The business management, project managers, and stakeholders can video-chat to discuss an ongoing project with more clarity.

1. Call Centers/ Support Centers
2. Corporate Houses
3. Work from Home Collaboration
4. Surge Revenue/ Sales
5. Customer Service Dept.
6. Relationship Management
7. Telehealth Services
8. Manufacturing Domain

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