Make and receive buffer-free video calls on bandwidths as low as 100 Kbps. Integrate with your CRM or ERP to drive business intelligence and analytics.

Our solution works with all major smartphones and mobile networks. Take the modern approach to communication with VMukti video calling.

  • Video Based Call Center Solution

Video Calling for Seamless Communication Your customers don’t prefer to visit your office for service anymore. Most of them have adapted to video calling. Adapt to changing customer demands by availing VMukti video calling solution.

  • Supports all major smartphones in the market
  • Exceptional video quality and audio clarity
  • Advanced business features like call recording
  • What we offer
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Download
  • Live video calling
  • Minimum delay
  • Supports low bandwidth
  • Easy integration
  • Cloud-based system
  • Call recording
  • SaaS model
  • No infrastructure
  • Adaptive bandwidth
  • Fullscreen compatibility

Simple Video Calling for Businesses

VMukti video calling solution is the best way to make your customers happy and satisfied. Provide your customers the option to meet managers and representatives remotely over video calls. Your clients will always appreciate the effort as they don’t need to travel to your office.

Advanced Technology for High Clarity

Clarity is vital in business communications. You can’t afford to miss out on what the client is saying. Our solution uses various techniques to ensure top call quality even in low internet speeds. We use an adaptive bandwidth adjuster to make sure all your calls are crystal clear.

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VMukti video calling solution is ideal for any business that needs to communicate with customers. In that sense, you can say all businesses need video calling to provide a hassle-free service. Banks, cable TV companies, service providers, hospitals, clinics, travel agencies- a number of businesses have benefited from our video call service.

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