The solution helps Education Board in preventing any malpractice during the Exam resulting in transparent proceedings by real time intelligence.

Monitor Students During Examination with VMukti Surveillance

VMukti Exam Surveillance monitoring solutions are helping the Education Board in conducting fare examinations and preventing malpractices inside the hall. Leverage the power of robust security solutions by implementing the most powerful surveillance cameras equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Being part of the confidential and intelligent industry, VMukti works on the core values of reliability, dedication, and satisfaction. We incur the highest standards of professional ethics and behavior in our services. Our team always try to deliver customized solutions to meet the client’s business requirements.

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AI Analytics Powered Intelligent Examination Surveillance to Prevent Malpractices During Exams

Ensure high-profile security in the examination center by deploying high-quality surveillance solutions, designed and delivered by VMukti. Identify suspicious behavior and take quick action to regulate best practices during the examination. Get a complete range of security surveillance CCTV cameras for small and large examination centers.

  • Live video monitoring of examination center to control unfair events and maintain discipline throughout.
  • Deploy VMukti examination surveillance solutions and reduce the Flying Squad Officers costs for pro-active monitoring.
  • Conduct a fair examination by following a transparent approach and ensure that the best practices are followed by the students, invigilators.

We deal in cloud-based examination surveillance devices to provide our client’s the ease of deployment. Wireless CCTV cameras and other security devices are fairly easy to install. Just plug-and-play and you are all set to go. Connect your CCTV cameras through 3G, 4G SIM or WIFI and monitor the premises straight away.

  • 3G/ 4G/ WIFI enabled security cameras
  • Customized dashboard for quick insights
  • Real-time alerts to inform security teams
  • AI powered smart analytics for instant alerts
  • Wireless security cameras for easy installations
  • AI Analytics for student head count, noise alerts
  • Dedicated, responsive, and easy-to-use mobile app
  • SD Card support for extended media storage capabilities
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  • AI Powered Analytics for Smart Alerts
  • 3G/4G/Wi-Fi enabled surveillance cameras
  • Cloud recording & Viewing portal/Dashboard
  • AI Analytics (Student Head Count, Student Counting, Noise Alert)
  • Mobile apps
  • Real-time alerts
  • Easy installation, Plug and play device
  • Local storage/SD Card Support

Let Fair Examination & Active Surveillance Go Side by Side

Conducting and managing examination is a big responsibility and there are restricted areas that need to be monitored 24X7. Keep an active eye and eradicate trespassing events with VMukti CCTV surveillance.

1. Highly Secure & Credible
2. Control Events of Malpractices
3. Reduced Operational Costs
4. Actively Track All Events
5. Maintain Sense of Discipline
6. Monitor All Students Throughout
7. Record Invigilator’s Behavior
8. Tackle Emergency Situations
9. Monitor Restricted Areas

Monitor Classrooms, Examination Halls, Staff Rooms & Corridors Actively

VMukti delivers technologically superior examination surveillance devices that enable live monitoring of exam centers for transparency. The smart, AI-led security devices act as a critical means for fair conduct of examinations and maintaining discipline.

1. Monitor Examination Hall
2. Detect Intruders & Offenders
3. Prevent Access to Restricted Areas

Find the resources you need to start monitoring right away. Monitor footage from our CCTV cameras from command and control centre 24×7. Contact us if you need help with anything.

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