We match all the specifications as per the guidelines and we are the OEM for the IMD and VMS/VAS for Election Poll Booth Webcasting.

VMukti’s best-in-class Election Poll Booth Monitoring system includes a broad spectrum of intelligent technology. Our election surveillance systems integrate a smart tech stack that allows IP CCTV camera and analog devices deployed at polling centers to work in collaboration.

Keep an active eye on polling booths by installing VMukti’s election surveillance and monitoring system. Leverage cloud-based video streaming through AI-powered digital CCTV security devices meant for excellence. Our distinctively developed video compression technology and bandwidth aggregation capabilities provide high-clarity video of polling booths.

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Cloud Based Remote monitoring of Election using AI. The solution helps ECI in preventing any malpractice during the voting /counting resulting in transparent proceedings by real time intelligent alerts generation from our cloud based analytics engine including identification of suspicious behaviours

  • Install VMukti’s Election Surveillance system for secure and safe polling.
  • Active 24X7 monitoring of polling booths, voters and management teams
  • Conduct fair polls and reduce the events of malpractices at polling booths

We design premium election surveillance CCTV devices using state of the art technology. Our complete range of security monitoring devices serves as an important tool for fair conduct of elections.

Deploy the best in industry election surveillance devices to ensure transparency in the election procedure and avoid any malpractices at polling booths. Our CCTV security devices allow for centralized monitoring of the polling booths and fair conduct of the election process.

24X7 monitoring enhances the security inside and around the polling centers as the control units can watch what’s happening throughout day and night.

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  • FHD CCTV surveillance cameras for election
  • To monitor LIVE election process from a distant polling station
  • To capture faces of voters coming to vote at PS in a sequence for remote viewing
  • Cloud Based surveillance and Live Streaming
    for Monitoring on portal/Dashboard
  • Artificial Intelligence powered functionality
  • Real-time alarms for quick response
  • Post-Election Evidence Retrieval
  • VMS Dashboard for Live Monitoring from command and control center

24X7 Surveillance for Fair & Transparent Election Process

At VMukti, we specialize in delivering the best services for election CCTV system installation at multiple polling booths. Our full range of commercial security systems makes us the leading election surveillance service provider in PAN India locations.

1. Reduces uncertain events and civil unrest
2. Allows conducting fair elections at all polling booths
3. 24X7 security surveillance helps to track down intruders
4. Maintains law and order throughout the election campaign
5. Control the occurrence of unsocial activities during elections
6. Monitor entry and exit points to eliminate trespassing events
7. Provides complete safety and convenience to security and monitoring teams
8. Active monitoring allows collecting clues and evidence for later investigations
9. Protects the safety and security of voters inside and around the polling booths
10. Enables security teams to efficiently resolve cases if anything unexpected happens

Some advantages of our election surveillance solutions include:

1. Artificial Intelligence led devices for smart surveillance
2. FHD CCTV surveillance cameras for election campaigns
3. Real-time alarms to alert security authorities for quick response
4. Sequentially capture voters entering and exiting the polling booths
5. Crystal clear images and HD video for post-election evidence retrieval
6. VMS Dashboard for Live Monitoring from command-and-control center
7. Active monitoring of live election process from a distant polling station
8. Cloud based surveillance and live streaming of polling stations/ booths

We provide a full range of security surveillance cameras that can be deployed in the vehicle, at polling centers, at the entry and exit points, etc. Monitor the entire election campaign actively by installing VMukti’s AI-enabled election surveillance systems.

1. Monitor Polling Booth From 360˚
2. Keep Stock of Voters Activities
3. Secure Monitoring of Election Campaign
4. Eliminate Events of Malpractices
5. Flying Squad Vehicles

Find the resources you need to start monitoring right away. Monitor footage from our CCTV cameras from command and control centre 24×7. Contact us if you need help with anything.

Contact us to meet your business’s unique security needs or Drop us a Mail on contact@vmukti.com

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