In-Vehicle Security Surveillance System Designed for First-rate Security

If you are looking for best-in-industry vehicle surveillance systems, you are in the right place. At VMukti Solutions, we are concerned about your passenger’s security. All our in-vehicle security systems are designed to protect and safeguard people including senior travelers and kids from any unfavorable incident.

We ensure to enhance the security in public and private buses by deploying best-in-class surveillance systems. Our in-vehicle security devices are meant to boost the security of students inside the school buses.

Real-Time Vehicle Surveillance Systems with 4G & Cloud, Crafted for Excellence

  • Real-Time Vehicle Surveillance
  • Best-quality security surveillance camera
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VMukti Bus Surveillance systems comprise advanced CCTV cameras and mobile networks that streams live footage of people/person/employee inside the vehicle. Our security solutions support 4G/LTE cloud cameras that capture video clips from multiple angles to ensure complete safety.

  • Our bus surveillance camera systems integrate 2G/ 3G/ 4G SIM technology for better coverage.
  • Advanced security systems facilitate high-quality video footage with auto-backup of events.
  • Enables monitoring real-time footage of the entire fleet using connected surveillance tablets.
  • Web-managed technology for all-time monitoring and real-time management to escape delays.
  • WIFI enabled bus surveillance cameras allows for wide data storage and easy video management

VMukti offers a wide range of security surveillance systems designed exclusively for the transport industry. Our CCTV surveillance solutions protect your vehicle when it is mobile or parked in the depot. Leverage best-in-class security systems for uninterrupted live monitoring and a faster streaming of video footage.

VMukti understands the importance of security surveillance inside the buses. Our in-vehicle surveillance systems are the initiative towards delivering better security and empowering transport with hybrid security infrastructure.

In case of unfavorable security incidents or emergency situations, real-time video streaming, high-quality video feed, GPS tracking, Cloud backup, etc. can be used to gather evidence and video data dumping solution.

  • HD video streaming for crystal clear details.
  • Monitor the vehicle from any location at any time.
  • Cloud monitoring capabilities for complete security.
  • Wider storage space with minimal bandwidth costs.
  • Live video streaming on smartphone, tablet, desktop.
  • Track every intruder through built-in motion detection.
  • Wider coverage of surrounding areas with Wide Angle View.
  • Compact devices powered with robust surveillance technology.
  • Access every single detail, person, and object with digital zoom.
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  • Benefits
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  • Applications
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  • Cloud monitoring for optimum security and reliability
  • HD streams to make every detail visible
  • Save 80% of your storage and bandwidth costs
  • Monitor your property remotely from any location on the planet
  • Access live streams from your desktop, mobile, and tablets
  • Built-in motion detection to track every intruder
  • Digital Zoom in for a closer look at persons and objects
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Wide Angle View for wide coverage

Your Security is Our Prime Concern

1. Real-time monitoring of students and passengers during the fleet.

2. Ensure complete safety of students while transit and attain parent’s trust.

3. Track unfavorable vehicle incidents and respond to emergencies immediately.

4. Monitor driver’s behavior during the entire fleet and identify unsafe driving practices.

5. Round the clock GPS tracking of vehicle while it is in transit or parked anywhere in the city.

1. Hassle-Free Surveillance

2. Monitor Your Entire Fleet Activities to Ensure Complete Security, Safety At All Stages.

3. Set Up Your Surveillance in Minutes, Easy Installation

4. Report authorities immediately if the vehicle breaks down at any point during the entire fleet or while parked.


VMukti offers a complete range of surveillance devices designed exclusively to deliver security and safety of passengers inside the vehicle. Deploy our premium in-vehicle surveillance systems in:

1. School Bus
2. School Vans
3. Private Cabs and Cars
4. Public transport vehicles
5. Private transport vehicles
6. Government Buses

We provide an extensive site security audit, camera location evaluation, configuration and installation support, and virtual integration to deliver the best results. Contact us to meet your business’s unique security needs.

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