Monitor vehicles in real-time without leaving your chair. VMukti ensures uncompromised safety and full visibility into your school bus fleet.

The demand for in-vehicle surveillance is growing steadily. The most common use is school bus surveillance for keeping a close watch on kids. VMkuti is one of the pioneers of in-vehicle surveillance systems, with experience of helping state governments to conduct fair examinations.

Our bus surveillance uses CCTV surveillance cameras and mobile networks to stream real-time footage. You can monitor your complete fleet of school buses sitting from a location on your mobile or computer. We can support up to 5,000 cloud cameras to capture multiple angles in countless buses and vans.
Protect your students today with VMukti school bus surveillance.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Surveillance
  • best-quality security surveillance camera

Vehicle Surveillance

Parents are not ready to trust schools unless you can ensure the complete safety of their children. VMukti school bus surveillance assures parents and makes them have faith in your business.

  • Wide coverage across the whole state using 2G/3G/4G mobile SIM
  • WiFi-enabled cameras for data storage and video management
  • Monitor your entire fleet from dedicated surveillance tablets

We use only the best-quality security surveillance camera setup to guarantee crisp and clear videos. Our surveillance system can even stream at 2G speeds to provide uninterrupted monitoring. The cameras also store footage in SD cards that you can transfer wireless via your WiFi. Just park the buses in the parking lot and connect your school WiFi with our CCTV surveillance cameras.

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  • WiFi-enabled surveillance cameras
  • Cloud recording
  • Viewing portal
  • Monitoring tablets
  • Mobile apps
  • Real-time alerts
  • Easy installation
  • Plug and play
  • Local storage
  • Wireless data transfers

Hassle-Free Surveillance

Our school bus surveillance needs no wires. Each camera is WiFi-enabled and transmits data over mobile internet. You can keep an eye on multiple vehicles simultaneously to guarantee full safety of kids. We even help you monitor remotely using your tab or smartphone from any location across the planet.

Set Up Your Surveillance in Minutes

You don’t need a whole team of professionals to set up our bus surveillance system. We use plug and play equipment to make installation easy as a pie.
The smart CCTV cameras even come with batteries to solve power challenges.

Our in-vehicle surveillance system is for anyone who needs to monitor their fleet activities. You can use our solution for school buses, delivery vans, cabs, and even for boats. As long as you have mobile coverage or WiFi, you can monitor your fleet no matter where they are located on the earth.

Want resources to monitor your vehicles? Download mobile apps and software to manage your feeds and data storage. Ask us if you need any help with using our services.

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