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4 Ways Makes Smarter CCTV Surveillance Solutions With Innovative Technologies

Let’s be honest for a while here. The market out there is cluttered. No, not just the CCTV Surveillance Solutions industry but every single market segment. Take some time off to study market conditions and you would realize that there is a myriad of solutions available to one real-world concern. Companies are on the line to manufacture or develop solutions and arrive as a unicorn in their respective domains.

However, with such fierce competition, how does one manage to climb to the top and not just sustain? Well, the answer lies in rolling out the most practical and innovative ways to solve a problem with minimal effort. The core division, where such strategies can be formulated and ideas can be cracked is the R&D wing of a company.

At VMukti CCTV Camera, we are proud to share that we have one of the most active and accomplished R&D wings in the CCTV market. Our researchers and tech experts ensure we as a company deliver smarter surveillance solutions in the market. So, if you’ve been overwhelmed with the number of CCTV models available today and pushed into decision paralysis, here’s an exclusive write up on why the most practical thing to do is to go ahead with VMukti CCTV camera.

Here, we explain the core technologies we deploy that enable our CCTV Surveillance Solutions to become a living and breathing entity in your surveillance ecosystem. With this, you will understand why we stand out in the market and why our range of CCTV devices are safer.

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The Core Technologies We Deploy At VMukti:

1. Cloud Technology:-

The onset of cloud technology has been nothing less than a blessing for the IT sector. Their deeper market penetration and increased inevitability has led to the replacement of physical storage solutions and the demand for on-premise servers with cloud-based data centers. The cloud technology eliminates expenses incurred on maintaining dedicated servers and allows you to scale up or down your storage requirements.

When it comes to the deployment of the cloud technology to our surveillance solutions, we ensure our cloud infrastructure is optimized for real-time surveillance. With over 25,000 data centers spread across diverse geographical locations around the world, you would always connect to your nearest data center for seamless surveillance and cloud access. Our centers are carefully picked for the most uptime and our backend technology also allows for the transmission and recording of high definition audio and video quality to reflect the finest details in an environment. Besides, we also deploy technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), heat map monitoring, facial recognition and more. More on this follows.

2. Deep Learning:- 

A wing of machine learning technology, deep learning is all about mimicking the behavior of the human brain through the development of artificial neural networks. Deep learning is increasingly becoming prominent for its use cases and benefits it offers in automation and evolution of finer AI.

Being one of the first companies in the CCTV Surveillance Solutions space to deploy deep learning for surveillance purposes, VMukti has already arrived as a pioneer in the spectrum.

Our approach with deep learning is not superficial. It’s not driven by market pressure either. We have a very tactical strategy and purpose with it. By bringing in an artificial entity, you no longer need a human at the other end of the surveillance camera to manually look at live surveillance feeds.

Our deep learning modules and algorithms are designed to pick up instances like fire hazards, gas leaks, sparks, water leaks, intrusions, body temperature fluctuations, behavior and more autonomously to instantly trigger an incident response. Even the slightest anomalies are detected by our deep learning systems incorporated into our CCTV cameras.

3. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

These two technologies are the most in-demand technologies across market segments and industries today. There is no single product or service that is not equipped with AI currently. At VMukti, we have specialized or rather niche deployments for AI and ML. We use the technology to automate surveillance solutions and complement the visions we have with deep learning.

Precision surveillance is guaranteed by our AI and ML modules, where the detection of threats and incidents is not just instantaneous but with zero scope for false alarms as well. One of the most recent deployments we had with AI and ML systems was the thermal solution for Covid-19 detection. Deployed at public spaces, the thermal-detection technology allowed organizations and stakeholders to detect and isolate people with higher body temperature and probable viral symptoms.

4. Video Management Systems

The presence of an airtight cloud infrastructure alone is not enough in a surveillance ecosystem. It should be complemented by an equally powerful Video Management System (VMS) that allows stakeholders to seamlessly view, transmit and record footage. All the AI and deep learning algorithms can work better if the VMS is optimized right.

Our sophisticated VMS stands out in the market as a solid tech stack, where video streaming and recording perpetually happen uninterrupted. Besides, our VMS can also be used for your organization’s operational requirements. For instance, you can automate attendance with headcount detection in your workplace, detect temperatures, perform sentiment analysis on work behavior and more.

This means you can don’t just protect your premises from lurking threats but ensure your productivity is high and that your employee morale is at an all time high as well.

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So, these are the four pillars that work consistently on ensuring your premises are safe and secured at all times. Under the hood, we are working on more superior and futuristic technologies that we will soon launch for added security. Even after 12 years of consistent innovation, we are leading the way forward for the unthinkable to happen in the CCTV Surveillance Solutions space.

At VMukti, we believe we will get there one device at a time.

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