Office Security Cameras: 5 Solutions to Protect Your Business

Best Office Security Cameras: Solutions to Surveillance

Workplace Office Security Cameras are real and becoming increasingly prominent across the globe. While companies and businesses hardly deployed any security measures with obsolete security solutions and just went with basic implementations like security guards, modern-day threats and vulnerabilities push the demand for higher and tighter security deployments. 

It’s not just about threats from outside anymore. Workplace security is essential to ensure the safety and security of employees, keep an eye out for instances like insider trading, protect digital assets such as laptops, televisions and other peripheral devices, secure intellectual property and more. While it’s good to give benefit of doubt to people and employees who walk into your office premises, it’s always better to deploy an airtight office security camera to help in investigative proceedings, mitigate crimes and vulnerability and foster a safer environment for your workforce. 

So, if you haven’t deployed an office security camera so far, this write up will give you an idea on how you could go about implementing one. There are multiple models and types available in the market today, each working on finer use cases and niche requirements. Based on your requirements, you could go about choosing one or combining more than one device to safeguard your workplace and deliver peace of mind to your employees and visitors. 

As the leading security camera manufacturers in the world, we at VMukti specialize in offering quality office security solutions. These are our range of devices. Let’s check them out individually. 

5 Security Solutions From VMukti To Protect Your Business

1. Smart WiFi Camera

Every contemporary workplace of today is equipped with basic wireless internet connectivity. We are sure you have deployed a commendable internet infrastructure for your business operations as well. So, for those WiFi-enabled premises, we have the most ideal WiFi camera. 

The WiFi camera is easy to install and comes with no technical requirements as such. The only cable it connects to is the power source. Once attached on the wall or anywhere across your premises, you can turn the camera on and connect it to your WiFi network. It will immediately connect and start streaming and recording real-time footage. 

Powered by cloud technology, it records and stores footage on dedicated cloud space for you to retrieve any time. Thanks to this technology, you can also stream footage in real time from wherever you are with a dedicated app. The device is compact and is hardly noticeable. This makes it easier to deploy and ultimately deter crimes.

2. Thermal Camera

One of the more recent threats to have developed over the last couple of years is that of the viral disease. While the onset of Covid-19 definitely rewrote working conditions with remote working environments, the launch of vaccines and the development of herd immunity has now allowed people to get back to office premises for work. 

While we are still getting back, experts still ask us to not take the virus and its mutation capabilities for granted. That’s why you need to secure your premises and employees from this new form of threat and prevent it from entering your workplace. To ensure this happens, you need the thermal camera from VMukti. 

Equipped with the ability to detect high body temperature and Covid-19 symptoms, this class of office security camera will help you detect and isolate employees with higher body temperatures and treat them with adequate measures. Besides, the camera also detects if your employees are wearing their face masks all the time and that adequate social distancing is maintained in meeting rooms, cafeterias and other public places. 

So, with this deployment, you not only protect your workplace premises but commit to fostering a healthier environment for those who work with you as well. 

3. ANPR Camera

Workplace security is not just about safeguarding cubicles, floors and meeting spaces. It goes beyond that and includes protecting the entire perimeter of your building or complex. This definitely includes your parking space and its adjoining roads. 

As a happening business in your domain, you would have a lot of visitors and clients who would want to strike a deal with you or have candidates who intend to work with you. When such people decide to use their vehicles to reach your workplace, it becomes essential for you to surveil and protect your parking spaces as well. 

You can do this with the help of ANPR cameras that are designed to recognize number plates from vehicles, identify car models and build, optimize parking spaces, protect parked vehicles from carjacking and more. Powered by advanced deep learning algorithms, the camera also detects traffic violations and immensely helps in investigations in case of adverse events. With this deployment, you can guarantee yourself holistic protection of your workplace. 

4. Face Recognition Cameras

Office security cameras from VMukti are designed to deliver more than your conventional security systems and solutions. Our devices are equipped with superior and sophisticated technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics, computer vision and more to help you experience security aspects like never before. 

Another addition to our interesting lineup of office security solutions is the face recognition cameras. These devices can detect individual faces of your employees and match them with your database. The devices are optimized for accurate detection and are being deployed globally to automate attendance, track employee work hours, assess employee morale and attitude and more. 

With sentiment analytics feature, you can accurately predict attrition rates, employee activities, performance and enthusiasm levels in your organization at any given point of time. If you have multiple shifts in your workplace, this is the most ideal deployment you would need. Get this to improve performance, boost productivity and automate redundant everyday tasks.

5. Object Detection Camera

If your organization is super-niche such as banking, healthcare, logistics, warehouse, industry and more, you require advanced security deployments like object detection cameras. These devices secure your assets, equipment and peripherals specifically and ensure there is no manipulation, malfunctioning or other adversaries happening to them. 

The cameras are also designed to pick up hazards like fire, spark, gas leaks and more to prevent workplace calamities and ensure additional security to your employees and property. For those of you dealing with high-end devices, assets and equipment, this is the most reliable solution from VMukti in the market today. 


An office security camera is inevitable in today’s scenario. With threats and vulnerabilities lurking everywhere, it is on us as business owners to be prepared for the worse and have all the right measures in place to tackle negative instances and events. These range of security cameras are highly recommended for your office, enterprise or industrial space. `Check out our selections and reach out to us to tailor your security deployment based on specific needs. 

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