Most Advanced 24/7 Cloud-Based Live Streaming Solutions

Most Advanced 24/7 Cloud-Based Live Streaming Solutions

Live Streaming Solutions, There was a time when getting on a video call was limited to people doing business across shores, but not anymore. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, even the kids have become experts when it comes to live webcasts and meetings. No matter how much we miss meeting in person, we’ll have to get used to this as the pandemic is here to stay, at least for some time. And we have got accustomed to it, at least with 1-on-1 meetings or meeting a limited number of people. Live streaming solutions are in demand. But things could go very wrong if you don’t have the right one. Find out the best 24/7 cloud-based live streaming solution. 

However, there’s one thing that we’ve still not been able to digest. Yes, we’re talking about virtual events (long sigh!). 

The Problem with Typical Virtual Events

If we had to describe the problem with virtual events in one line, it would be pretty straightforward – they don’t feel like events. We will go into details, but you get the feel of what we’re trying to say, don’t you?

Most of the virtual events we see these days seem more like classrooms as few people do all the talking, and the rest are supposed to listen. If that wasn’t enough, the lags in the live streams make it even worse. 

However, there’s good news, and its name is ‘Cloud Video Streaming.’

What is Cloud Video Streaming?

There was a time when the broadcasters used in-house servers and hardware to live streaming videos. This infrastructure had many pitfalls as it was expensive and difficult to manage. It could often become a nightmare if the company didn’t have enough expertise to manage it.

That’s where cloud video streaming solutions came in and saved the day.

These solutions comprise professional broadcasting tools and features, such as white-label video players, cloud transcoding tools, etc.

With cloud technology, everything becomes easy as entire data storage and communication is done through the cloud. All you need is a webcaster tool and a fast internet connection.

How does Cloud-Based Live Streaming Work?

Cloud-based live streaming involves 3 steps; let’s have a look at each one by one.

  • Video Source: The video is captured through a camera having HDMI/SDI capabilities. The camera’s resolution plays a vital role as it determines the ultimate quality of the video. 
  • Live Streaming Webcaster or Encoder: The input (video) captured by the camera is transferred to the webcaster or encoder. It converts audio and video content from the camera, compresses it, and then converts that media into a suitable digital format.
  • Streaming via Cloud: The webcaster or encoder are connected to the cloud through the internet. The users are connected with the cloud, and they can watch it using their devices in the appropriate digital format.

VMukti 24/7 Cloud-Based Live Streaming Solutions 

We, at VMukti, are a leading company with a prime focus on video communications across the globe. We provide across the board streaming and surveillance solutions. One of the top products on this list is our cloud-based live streaming solution.

Our streaming solutions are hybrid in nature, allowing you to live stream the event or stream a recorded one.

Features of VMukti Cloud-Based Live Streaming

VMukti Cloud-Based Live Streaming comes with distinct advantages as listed below:

  • Realtime Interactivity
  • Interactive Audience
  • Multiplatform Streaming
  • Security of Content
  • Watch Live on the Go
  • Leading Edge Video
  • Affordable

Advantages of Using VMukti 24/7 Cloud-Based Live Streaming Solution

We pride ourselves on being the most reliable cloud-based live streaming solutions provider. With VMukti by your side, you are sure of getting the following advantages:

  • Build a better brand value with VMukti’s Webinar Services
  • Directly communicate with the target audience
  • Reach your audience live during and post-webinar
  • Showcase your product or services in an interactive way
  • Time-effective and cost-effective
  • Keep your audience informed

VMukti Live Streaming Encoder VM-72W1 & W2

As we saw previously, encoders or webcasters play a critical role in the live streaming ecosystem. VMukti’s Live Streaming Encoder VM-72W1 and W2 are top of the line solutions in the industry. Trusted by global brands, these devices can be connected with any HD Camera.

They come with the following features:

  • Wi-Fi Support
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 3G/4G SIM Card Support

Applications of Cloud-Based Live Streaming Solutions

Thanks to the never-ending COVID restrictions, we’ve had to shift most things online. Live streaming allows you to host the following events without a single hiccup.

  • Product Launch, 
  • AGM (Annual General Meeting), 
  • Sales Meetings, 
  • Exhibitions, 
  • Seminars, 
  • Virtual Convocation, 
  • Training
  • And many more…

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