LIVE + VOD (Video on Demand)

Live + VOD (Video on Demand)


Our Technology is often used to bring video on demand to Client Portal and view them later.

Gone are the days when one had to wait for the event to be over and recorded. One can watch it live as it happens and VMukti proudly brings you that power in your hand. VMukti effectively tries to remove the barrier communication by bringing in its ‘Live Stream’ Product on the table. There is a general perception in developing countries that buffering of video is unavoidable while watching live but that’s where VMukti wants to bring in a paradigm shift. VMukti presents a product for smaller to expert service providers who are looking to stay competitive in today’s ever-growing market.

  • if you want, your Live Webcast can be available as an archive (embedded) video for later viewing, rest assured.

  • VMukti provides effective, clear and flawless delivery of videos through our world class delivery network.

  • No wait for buffering of videos. Video starts playing instantly.

  • Option to play video from any of its point on the timeline.

  • Option to change your videos with our customized plans that makes it affordable and accessible.

Live + Video On Demand (VOD) package that delivers reliable and scalable Live+ VOD without the traditionally high start-up costs and through our world class delivery network.VOD is entirely unique in its ability to deliver the personalization subscribers crave that is strategic and valuable to everyone. The webcasts include a myriad of subjects, including material that was originally carried live.