Happy employees perform better at work!

Life at VMukti

We make positive contribution to work life of our employee’s by hosting a varied range of events.

We make everyone feel included and connected to everyone else and therefore inspired to deliver more.

All for one and One for all

Played treasure hunt remotely

Have you ever played treasure hunt remotely? Cause we have!!
Surprised! We have arrange an online treasure hunt game for our VMukti mates and here are some glimpse for the same.

Training workshop on ISI (Interpersonal Style Inventory)

As, the awareness of own & colleagues’ style can help us to improve our effectiveness!!!

Birthday & Valentine’s Day Celebration Jan-Feb 2020 at VMukti House

It was Dual Celebration !!! Valentine & Birthday Celebration…

We Spread Happiness & Love to All our Employees.

Christmas Celebration at VMukti 2019

A festival of Joy and Happiness, A festival of Gifts and full of Surprises,
And festival which put smile on the faces..!!

Some Beautiful Captured Moments of Christmas Celebration at VMukti Solutions

Diwali Celebration 2019


Employee Trip to Udaipur