How to protect yourself and your home

How can we protect ourselves from all the misfortunes and downfalls that may affect us in everyday life? This is where the concept of security appears. Safety is an important factor in our quality of life. We may not think about it, but we involuntarily remember that when we see the statistics of thefts and the violence. It depends only on our purposeful actions, whether we can protect yourself and family from danger.

Compliance with basic rules of personal safety helps a person to avoid various physical and mental injuries. Therefore, it is important to consider all the tips that are presented below. Perhaps something may seem ridiculous and mundane, but you shouldn’t turn the page or stop reading in the middle, because good advice may one day save your life.

Where to start building personal security? Analyze your life habits, personal routes, area of ​​residence, transport on which you move. only after you have analyzed these factors, and try to improve them, install personal safety devices, security cameras in your home, or signaling. 

How to safe your home

To keep the area around your home safe, you need to pay attention to things like fences, plantings, and lighting.

The fence is not always reliable. If it is too large, then you cannot see everything that happens behind it, the entrance and exit from the yard are not guarded. In this case, it is better to choose a medium-height fence and install CCTV cameras.

Plantings are the beauty that can hide a threat behind lush bushes and trees. Increase safety: it is recommended to limit the plantings so that they do not obstruct the view and do not allow hiding behind them.

Lighting. There should be good visibility around the entire perimeter, especially in the dark. It is necessary to distribute the lighting so that there are no dark corners and areas on the territory. In a lighted courtyard, CCTV cameras will better recognize faces and record images will be clearer.

Video camera for home security

Many houses were built without enhanced security systems. Therefore, It is best to reliably equip a house or apartment even at the construction stage: adjust the plan of the territory, rooms, choose doors, windows, balconies, covered with a special film, install gratings.

Video camera for home security

Do not neglect electronic devices and other safety devices such as video cameras, motion detectors, alarms.

What are the advantages of a camera in the house:

  • safety
  • you can keep track of everything that happens, even if the children are old enough, they still require supervision;
  • if you heard any sounds outside, you can just look at the screen and find out what is happening;
  • when someone knocks or calls at your door, you can see this guest by looking on the screen;
  • if strangers broke into the apartment (or house) using the program by phone, you can monitor the apartment and call the police at any time;
  • the camera will allow you to prove the guilt of this or that person is stealing your things.

advantages of a camera in the house

The video surveillance installation in an apartment does not require as much time and effort as many believe, but it has a number of advantages over other security systems:

  • Lighting not only the inner living area of ​​the apartment but also an overview of the common apartment building, which makes it possible to identify hooligans;
  • Support and the ability to configure various modes: from continuous recording to operation in alarm mode (triggering a motion or smoke detector);
  • The video analytics system allows you to distinguish an intruder from a pet and recognize a real threat;
  • Even if your house was attacked by burglars – constant video recording will allow you to identify intruders and provide invaluable data for the police.
  • The choice of personal protective equipment and your life depends only on you. And remember: what surrounds you protects you.

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