How Thermal Cameras effective for Restaurants, Schools, and Airports in 2022?

How Thermal Cameras effective for Restaurants, Schools, and Airports in 2022?

The last couple of years have taught people a new way to live life. Thermal Cameras, Social distancing, washing or sanitizing hands often, and wearing masks have become the essential norm for all going out of the home for any purpose. Although it is advisable to avoid mass gathering areas, places like airports, restaurants, and schools see the movement of people often, so it’s a concern for the security and surveillance agencies to ensure the safety of all.

The year 2020 witnessed curbs and restrictions for the movement of people globally. This affected various industries (including education, aviation, and hotel & restaurant industry) that are exclusively dependent on the physical participation of people. While the education sector found its way through online classes, the restaurants thrived on online ordering of food. But the aviation sector bore huge losses as it is an entirely people-driven business.

As per the given conditions, globally, the governments are working towards reviving their economies by easing out curbs and restrictions and allowing people dependent industries to reopen with complete caution. For this, the authorities rely on the latest technology innovations to ensure the safety and health of all, be it the staff or visitors. Since it all begins by measuring the people’s body temperatures entering a premise, doing it manually becomes impossible, especially in restaurants, schools, and airports. Therefore, installing the latest screening devices like a thermal camera is the key.

Thermal Cameras for Restaurants, schools, and airports with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analytics integrate smart algorithms that can monitor the body temperatures of customers, students, and travelers from a distance. In 2020, thermal cameras with AI Analytics had already been installed by many industries. With growing awareness, their demand is increasing by the day. As a result, thermal camera for restaurants, schools, and airports are being used, making it easier and helpful for the security staff to screen people and take necessary steps in case of elevated body temperatures.

The year 2022 will witness more & more adoption of the thermal camera for restaurants, schools, and airports by different cities and countries worldwide, as no government/industry wants to take chances regarding the safety of their citizens/customers.

What is a thermal camera?

Thermal Cameras

A thermal camera is a screening device designed to monitor the body temperature of the people entering a particular premise. It acts as an infrared thermometer through a reference heat source. It detects those with high-temperature range, generally more than 37° Celsius. The USP of thermal cameras is that they can detect skin-surface temperature from a considerable distance, enabling the authorities to act quickly.

Remarkably, thermal camera for restaurants, schools, and airports combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), making it possible for the authorities to check and ensure that people (customers, students, and travelers) coming in wear face masks. What’s more, to protect people from getting infected, the thermal camera acts as a comprehensive tool that ensures people follow social distancing norms by keeping a safer distance.

Key Advantage of Thermal Cameras Screening

  • Enables contactless checking of temperature from a distance
  • Reduces the possibility of exposure to an infected individual
  • Ensuring precise screening up to +0.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Conducting instant and accurate screening in less than 1 second
  • Combining AI & ML technologies to overlook hot objects like coffee mugs
  • Providing LIVE alerts to authorities on detecting a higher body temperature
  • Offering multiple devices with different coverage features

Thermal Cameras

How effective is a thermal camera for restaurants, schools, and airports?

By installing a thermal camera with AI Analytics, the restaurants, schools, and airports can pre-screen their staff and visitors (patrons, students, vendors, travelers, etc.) at the entrance gate itself. These cameras are regarded as highly accurate as they are able to screen an individual in less than one second without coming in contact with the person. This enables the authorities to act immediately and prevent a person with an elevated body temperature from entering. Ensuring this also helps the authorities to keep others safe from infected people.

Considering their utility, faster installation and quicker analysis, thermal cameras have become one of the most recommended devices to be installed to control coronavirus infection. Thermal cameras with AI Analytics are equipped with advanced algorithms and detectors, which not only helps in identifying a probable infected person but also helps in keeping the premises safe and protected.

How are thermal cameras installed?

Thermal cameras are usually installed at the entrances of the premises by a professional technician of the security and surveillance company. These cameras can be installed faster, and are ready to be operated within minutes. It does not require any special training for getting started.

AI Analytics in smart thermal cameras offers enhanced levels of convenience and adds to the safety of the premises. On detecting a person with a higher body temperature, AI Analytics lets the system raise the alarm and inform the control unit within a second to take the necessary action.

Thermal Cameras

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For the screening staff

The screening staff should switch on the power supply of the thermal camera 30 minutes before beginning the screening process. This enables the device to preheat and be ready to function correctly.

For the visitors

Every visitor entering the premises must face the camera with a bare forehead; else, the temperature reading will not be accurate. If a person is prone to excessive sweating or coming from a substantial temperature zone to that of the screening environment, he/she should wait for the body temperature to normalize before entering the thermal camera zone.

With people learning to live amidst the scare of coronavirus infections, it’s time to adopt all possible precautions and safety measures. Installation of thermal cameras is one such recommendation that can help control the spread of infections in public places.

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