How Is WiFi Camera Changing the World- Would You Like to Know?

How Is WiFi Camera Changing the World- Would You Like to Know?

When we talk about the influence of technology on human evolution, we majorly tend to focus on its contribution to fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, supply-chain and more. However, the impact of technology can be felt across all sectors, industries and market segments. The advancements in technical peripherals has been giving rise to newer use cases and ultimately, the evolution of several products and services around the world.

One such crucial implementation of technology is in the field of surveillance and security. In one of our previous posts, we shed light on the evolution of CCTV camera. We briefly touched upon how security cameras evolved with newer technologies and advancements. Today, we will explore this in further detail as we are now at the pinnacle of innovation in the form of wireless cameras.

Let’s get started.

What Are Wireless Cameras?

These are devices that arrived replacing their conventional wired counterparts. While the previous generation cameras served their purposes, they still lacked convenience in terms of deployment and maintenance. Wireless cameras solve this crucial concern.

Like the name suggests, wireless cameras don’t need wires or cables extending up to terminals. Instead, they connect through WiFi routers and they can be accessed through your portable devices from wherever you are.

Before getting carried away, let’s understand that wireless cameras or WiFi cameras feature one cable for their power supply. Wireless mainly refers to the transmission of audio and video in a network.

Wireless cameras offer tons of benefits to users. Let’s check them out in detail.

How WiFi Cameras Are Changing The World

Easy To Install

Because of the fact that there are less technicalities involved in manual installation, they can be set up by anyone almost instantly. No bunch of cables to be connected, no hardcore configurations or other such demands. You can just take out the cameras from boxes and install them at desired spots.

Financially, this is extremely cost effective as you eliminate installation charges. So, this is ideal for implementation in both commercial, residential and industrial purposes.

Remote Surveillance And Access

Unlike the earlier iterations of cameras, you don’t have to view live and recorded footage from dedicated monitors. Since WiFi cameras connect to the internet through your network, you can access your cameras from your laptop, smartphone or even tablet. By access, we mean you can operate your WiFi camera from remote and view live footage from wherever you are.

This is possible because the recorded footage is stored on the cloud and not in cameras. So, when burglars or intruders are trying to break your cameras in the pretext of destroying footage and evidence, you can still retrieve videos from the cloud with no compromise in data.

The best part is that you would also receive instant notifications or alerts whenever there’s a motion detected.

Enterprise And Tools Integration

A WiFi camera can be seamlessly integrated with your access control panels or systems for comprehensive in-premises security. This makes the deployment of wireless cameras ideal for high-profile workspaces, apartments, commercial complexes and any place that requires perpetual surveillance.

Optimum Video Clarity

The best advantage of wireless cameras is the availability of high quality audiovisual footage and images. Streaming over WiFi, cameras transmit uncompressed data to your devices at high resolutions. This means that there’s no instances of grains or distortion on your footage, making it ideal for forensic investigations in case of adversaries.

Flexible Locations

Wireless cameras are free to move. Meaning, they can be moved from one portion of a building to another easily. Thanks to the elimination of wires and cables from the ecosystem, you can install a WiFi camera at one spot, assess if a region is adequately monitored and move it to another spot based on your inferences.

Solid Signal Strength

Wireless security cameras are technically sound as well. They can pick up signals from receivers even if they are situated 10 miles away. The signals can also infiltrate through walls made of glass, wood, plastic and even metals to ensure your cameras are accessible. This translates to total safety of your premises when you are gone for long periods of time.

Wrapping Up

If a WiFi camera were introduced a few years ago, probably they wouldn’t have had such massive reach considering the fact that the internet was still inaccessible in many countries and regions.

But today, the internet is a necessity and has become as prominent as banks and gas stations around the world. This is making wireless cameras more accessible and in-demand. So, if you’re looking to secure your premises at cost-effective prices (with no compromise on quality of course), get a WiFi camera installed.

They are safeguarding barns, banks and several other public and private places at all times and they’ll take good care of your property, too.

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