Best Home Surveillance Camera Wireless for Outdoor Security

Home Surveillance Camera

VMukti brings you a complete its Best Home Surveillance Camera solution to protect and secure your outdoor home premises. When considering the safety and security of your loved ones and your premises, security surveillance camera systems can provide an extra level of peace to a great extent. With all the different ranges of security cameras available in the market, it can be difficult sometimes to understand which security cameras best suit your needs, requirements, and budget.

One of the first things to understand is the basic difference between indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. The primary distinguished point between indoor and outdoor security cameras is the types of external factors and robust nature each camera should be capable to withstand. While both types of security cameras usually come in the same styles but with different advanced features suitable for the particular environment, outdoor security cameras need to be able to content with robust structure with all types of weatherproofing and varying light conditions.

Outdoor Surveillance camera are also most vulnerable to being tampered with or deteriorated with, so they are extensively made of more durable and tough materials, like metal and alloy, and can be heavier or even cased in a robust structure to discourage easy removal and preventing damage from extreme weather conditions.

WiFi smart cloud camera:-

Wi-Fi Home security camera integrated with smart Cloud technology. Wi-Fi Security Camera helps you to keep every one including your loved ones and home premises secure. One of the Best Outdoor Wireless Security cameras for protecting your homes. VMukti brings a Wi-Fi security camera integrated with advanced technologies which are the most ideal and suitable for day and night environments surveillance. With this, you can be assured of complete peace 24/7.

4G smart cloud camera:-

4G Cloud CCTV Security Camera with an inbuilt SIM Card Slot and best monitoring solution for outdoor surveillance and remote location. VMukti 4G FHD security camera tends to operate on 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks. An ideal video monitoring solution with no NVR/DVR, no wiring so hassle-free, when in areas with limited networks or no WiFi access. It provides cloud monitoring for optimum security and reliability with HD streams to make every minute detail visible and saves 80% of your storage and bandwidth, so cost-effective. You can access live streams via a smartphone application.

PTZ smart cloud camera:-

You can monitor large areas with a single PTZ Camera embedded with a deep learning algorithm. The pan, tilt, and zoom features which are advanced in nature make it possible to monitor large and wide areas with a single camera while obtaining clear and cut video details at the same time. PTZ cloud cameras are a professional surveillance system to cover a wide area and by rotation of the camera in different directions with 360 degrees rotation and tilting capability to get a wide picture of the surveillance area and zoom-in for further minute details of security events. PTZ security cameras work 24/7 via the cloud to help you monitor your premise whenever you’re not present there via the respective application. The installation is easy and cost-effective.

4K smart cloud camera

VMukti 4K UHD security Camera enhanced with smart cloud system. The camera is integrated with advanced features using technologies like artificial intelligence and deep learning. 4k security camera provides consumers with a surveillance system with the active response and real-time alarm system. By using the latest deep-learning technology, it enables to extract human and vehicles accurate information from massive video and image data, and also store snapshots of the objects in the cloud for efficient video footage search and retrieval whenever they need to see.

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