Cloud Based Wireless Camera are Beneficial or Not, Do You Want to Know?

Ever since the internet made its way into our lives, things have not remained the same. From computers to mobile phones, the internet has made it easier to manage day-to-day life. Most importantly, the internet has revolutionized the surveillance systems that have become wireless camera with cloud storage and monitoring facilities.

A cloud-based wireless camera enables you to keep an eye on your home or business premises, be it indoor or outdoor. These cameras are now considered an essential part of a home or commercial setup. It won’t be an overstatement that wireless security cameras are similar to insurance as they act as your security guard during the day and at night, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Cloud-based wireless cameras are ideal for installation in examination halls, government elections, unmanned traffic signals, and public places like malls, markets, streets, etc.

Now let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of wireless cameras with the cloud monitoring facility.

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The Advantages:

1. Complete assurance with safe storage on the cloud, cost savings, and better organization

Wireless cameras using cloud storage for images and recordings are regarded as safe and secure from any kind of tampering, data theft, and other common hacks.  

Furthermore, these cameras, as compared to storage devices like a hard disc or a pen drive, offer:  

  • Better data access
  • More organized storage
  • Quicker searchability
  • Greater storage space

 What’s more, wireless cameras with cloud storage and monitoring enable home or business owners to save on costs incurred on space and physical storage of data.   

 Presently, more & more people prefer wireless cameras for the security of their business setups with dedicated cloud storage for more secure backup of the data captured by the surveillance systems.

2. Easier to configure on mobile phone and integrate with multiple devices for ready access

Wireless cameras are easier to configure on mobile phone apps that act as a centralized server. Simply link the wireless camera to your wireless network and configure it with the mobile application.

The user can also integrate the wireless camera with several other internet-powered devices like computers, tablets, or laptops for ready access to the monitored locations.

3. Access your location from anywhere, anytime from your mobile phone

Cloud-connected wireless cameras enable its users to watch live footage of their homes or business setup from anywhere in the world 24×7 right on their internet-connected device.
Cloud-connected cameras also act as a reliable security partner for those who have their properties or businesses in more than one location. It allows them to be virtually present at their home or office while sitting miles away.

4. Great battery backup, ensuring smooth functioning even during power outages

Contrary to the old belief that wi-fi cameras are susceptible to power outages, the modern-day wireless cameras have excellent battery backup that allows them to function smoothly even during power cuts.

This is one of the best advantages of the wireless camera with cloud connect, which has made their adoption easier amongst those with remote locations to monitor.

5. Easier to install or relocate without requiring expert guidance

As the name suggests, wireless cameras are free from wires, preventing drilling and nailing the premises for wiring. It gives the users a choice to relocate the wireless camera to any location anytime according to the need.

This makes them ideal for small shop owners or homeowners who may want to keep an eye on house help during the day and may require tracking the main gate or parking during the night.

“Considering the numerous advantages that wireless cameras with cloud storage and monitoring offer, the disadvantages are negligible. However, we would like to mention a few to educate you and help you make an informed decision for your safety and security.”

The disadvantages:

1. Internet data pricing can make the operational cost of cloud-based cameras expensive for some people

Although there are hardly any concerns left over the data usage, considering the falling price of internet connectivity by the day. Still, business owners feel that wireless cameras continuously use the internet for transmitting data to the cloud, which increases their spending on internet bills and affects the data speed.
However, getting the cloud-based wireless camera system installed by a professional company with the right tools and knowledge can create a difference without overloading or creating network issues.

2. Areas with limited or low internet connectivity may find it challenging to operate cloud-based cameras

Some businesses do not have proper network infrastructure, and so cloud-connected wireless cameras may slow down the internet connectivity at such establishments.

Cloud-connected wireless cameras may not function that efficiently for houses or shops in rural locations with not-so-advanced internet connectivity. Moreover, the cloud camera maintains its connectivity with the wireless router, so installing it farther can create connectivity issues.

3. Meeting the compliance standards of the industry for safeguarding sensitive information

Having discussed several benefits that cloud security cameras offer, they are a reason for worry for compliance regulations in many cases. For many businesses, conforming to the industry’s compliance standards is not possible for cloud-based cameras without expert intervention.

Since wireless cameras work through the internet, there is a greater risk of data being hacked by cyber thieves. Cloud surveillance camera setup needs advanced safety measures to be followed as compared to conventional security cameras.

Compliance is a concern for business establishments that handle sensitive data like customer payments or health records. And so, cloud surveillance cameras need regular assessment for any legal implications and cyber threats.

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