Here’s The All In One CCTV Solutions Platform You’re Looking For

Here’s The All In One CCTV Solutions Platform You’re Looking For

In an era where the social benefits of surveillance have become increasingly important, more and more people are looking for an all in one CCTV Solutions. If you’re one of those people, we’ve got you covered: in this post, we will talk about an example of a product which best describes the title of a CCTV platform for all-in-one solution.

Ambicam is the latest in line of all-rounded CCTV surveillance systems designed for literally any and all scenarios. Scale or scope are no barrier for the manner in which Ambicam utilises the latest advances in cloud-based surveillance technology. By harnessing the revolutionary potential of smart cloud CCTV surveillance infrastructure, it has eliminated the need for expensive hardware and the installation costs which accompanied it. Ambicam is the leading provider of cloud based security solutions globally.

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Let us find out how you can improve or introduce CCTV infrastructure to make your invaluable life more secure through this all-in-one product…

Suitable For All Purposes

Be it regular social gatherings such as celebrations and marriages, onetime events such as fairs and exhibitions, or permanent fixtures such as corporate properties and educational institutions, Ambicam has you covered all the way! Ambicam represents the genesis of the latest innovations in cloud based CCTV technology and its versatile applications.

By providing solutions such as cctv solutions for home, warehouse security surveillance and smart city CCTV cameras, Ambicam has proven that its priority is the safety and wellbeing of its consumers and their valuables. Be it pets, parties, properties or peace of mind: features such as instant notifications, live monitoring, cloud-based storage and complete two-way communication allow the users to handily achieve a sense of security.

What’s more, all these features are available at your fingertips through the Ambicam mobile application! It takes less than 60 seconds to set up and provides you with an ultra-simple UI, allowing you to smoothly access footage and communicate: all through your phone from wherever you are, be it work or vacation. And since ambicam understands that you might want to share this sense of security, you can easily download or send the footage any time through the quick share feature!

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Upgrade to Cloud: No Hardware Hassle

The most common aversion to using CCTV surveillance was the problem of hardware: not only was it a huge hassle to get the system integrated to a reliable power source and ethernet connection, but it would also add on to the expenses due to the cost of storage and maintenance.

Ambicam has brought about a revolution in this sense by using cloud based CCTV Solutions storage technology. It has eliminated the cost of both hardware and maintenance plus storage, all in one go. Your data is stored seamlessly on ambicam cloud servers, ready for access within seconds through the mobile application available on all platforms.

Surveilling moving vehicles such as buses or short term events such as polling booths or vaccine camps can now be accomplished at an extremely efficient operating cost thanks to ambicam’s cloud based leap.

Additionally, by implementing security strategies such as QR code based access and user authentication, ambicam makes your date safe from being snooped upon by potential bad actors. So don’t worry if you’re safely watching over your kids or pets or loved ones, ambicam won’t let anyone else know!
Seamlessly Integrating You with the Latest Trends

It is no secret that surveillance technology has been evolving tremendously over the past few years. Ambicam understands this perfectly: they have been trying to push the evolution and application of improved surveillance technology for more than 11 years. Having served more than 100 clients across retail, enterprise and governmental sectors, Ambicam has persisted in making the best trends available to the people it stands to serve.

Smart object recognition, ultra high resolution footage, easy cloud-based storage, water resistant and thermal sensory camera equipment are just some of the cutting edge solutions that Ambicam stands to provide. Moreover, due to the cloud-based infrastructure, Ambicam is in the prime position to integrate the new wave of smart analysis of objects and people into the services it provides. Its applications include remote access for analytics, object detection, activity-zone concentration, health monitoring, and many more!

True CCTV Platform for All-in-One Experience

As we have seen above, home cctv solutions india surveillance technology can work wonders insofar as creating a sense of security is concerned. Whether it is goods in a warehouse, children or pets at home, students or property in an institution, public/shared transport vehicles or corporate assets: ambicam has a solution for them all.

Such technology also increases the probability of success for collective social endeavours of all types. Mask mandates, grain distribution, bureaucratic accountability, contract-based residential security projects: all of these can realistically be implemented through ambicam! From traffic crossings to airport surveillance, ambicam can provide for its clients without compromising on any important aspect of audio/video surveillance technology.

Ambicam balances the needs of such huge operations with the importance of smaller but equally valuable private property or personal possessions by allowing everyone access to its services and constant support. They don’t merely provide surveillance equipment but also allow clients to rent server storage space for externally recorded surveillance footage. Truly an all-in-one CCTV Solutions!

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Choose Yourself How You Monitor!

Choosing how to utilise surveillance technology cctv solutions india to enhance your safety can be pretty confusing. That is why we bring you something even better: the luxury of not having to choose. Through our CCTV platform for all in one solution, all you have to choose is what you want to protect, and we will let you know how we can provide you with the best security camera solutions!

You can ask any of our 100+ loyal clients: they will testify to the fact that we leave no stone unturned or path not taken in pursuing the best possible solutions available for anyone who approaches us. Through products like Ambicam, we work on maximising the utilisation of smart video conferencing solutions to impact the lives of billions of people in a positive manner.

For us, your problems are a call to action to make the world a better place: contact us today on our website and let us help you achieve some peace of mind!

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