A List of CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras For Retail

VMukti offers a complete range of CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras systems for all sectors and industries. The most extraordinary security cameras include Smart Cloud cameras, Edge AI-based Camera, ANPR Camera, Facial Recognition camera, Object Detection Camera, and 4K Cameras which are delivered and used all across Government, Enterprise, and retail industry sectors, all surveillance cameras are based on cutting-edge technology.

They are 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi compliant, offering every user a seamless experience effortlessly. The best-quality video encoders, decoders, and media servers work on a high compression algorithm that helps them consume low bandwidths, so it is cost-effective. VMukti smart cloud technology consists of several streaming and storage servers that are prevalently appropriate and accepted, it also supports interfaces like VMS or VAS portal along with web-based management support system for administrators.

Some of the efficient and reliable range of security surveillance camera systems by VMukti are-

  • Wi-Fi Security Camera-
    Wi-Fi Security Camera equipped with smart could technology makes it an ideal choice for monitoring home as well as workplace. These cloud Wireless Camera also helps the user to keep a keen eye on every intruder and monitor all the activities to keep everyone safe. They are the best and reliable option for outdoor premise surveillance. VMukti offers this Wi-Fi Camera with cloud storage which can monitor both day and night vision environments. With this camera system, a user can be assured of complete peace of mind 24/7 without worrying about any mishappening. Also integrated with a 2-way audio communication system you can easily speak with your family members and even any intruder in the field of view. It is equipped with multiple advanced features such as Live monitoring, Night Vision, Cloud Storage, and Instant Motion Alerts.
  • 4G Security Camera-
    4G Cloud CCTV Security Camera with inbuilt SIM Card Slot is best suitable for monitoring outdoor and remote locations where there are problems with proper network connections. VMukti designed and manufactured 4G FHD security surveillance camera systems that operate on 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi network connections. It is an ideal video monitoring solution with no NVR or DVR, wire-free systems so hassle-free also, when deployed in areas with limited network connection or no Wi-Fi access, can work effortlessly. Integrated with smart video analytics & Instant Motion Alert system, which are directly sent to the respective user’s smart devices like smartphones, laptops, etc, via an application in case of any uncertain detection of motion.
  • Thermal Camera System-
    VMukti Thermal cameras are proven to be an ideal solution for body temperature measurement and mask detection during the scenario of coronavirus contamination everywhere. You can eliminate all the possible risks involved in direct physical contact for measuring the temperature of any individual and ensure the safety of your people both at home and the workplace. These security surveillance cameras are powered by advanced AI-based technology and body temperature measurement technology to maximize their efficiency and make you already deploy security systems much more compatible. Thermal cameras by VMukti can help you capture rapid and accurate details and detect people affected by covid-19, it can detect flu or any other infections or disease manifesting with symptoms of high body temperature. These thermal camera scanners can also monitor a large group of people at a single time and can pick out people with high temperatures by generating instant alerts.
  • PTZ Security Camera-
    You can monitor large and wide areas with the help of a single PTZ Camera system powered by the deep learning algorithm. The pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities make it possible for the camera to monitor large areas with a single security camera while getting clear and cut video details at the same time. VMukti PTZ smart cloud surveillance cameras are a professional monitoring system to cover the wider area and it works by the movement of the camera in all different directions using PTZ technology, you can also get a wide picture of the whole surveillance area and zoom-in capability for checking of every minute details captured by the camera. These security cameras work 24/7 via cloud technology to help you monitor every minute of the day. Also, it’s easy to install and use, so no need to hire a security professional to deploy the respective camera. This helps to save your costs.
  • 4K Security Camera-
    VMukti 4K UHD security surveillance camera provides compatibility with everything you tend to see. It is an intelligently accurate security camera with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. It is an ideal surveillance system with an active response system and a real-time alarm system. The advanced deep-learning technology makes it capable enough to extract human and vehicles information from massive recorded video data and store snapshots of the minute yet important details for efficient video footage search and retrieval whenever required. VMukti’s smart security product family also includes surveillance products with 4K technology, some of which are also equipped with Edge AI-based features such as ANPR system, object detection, facial recognition, Intrusion detection, and many more. VMukti 4K solutions include H.265+ PTZ Dome & Bullet Camera that delivers UHD resolution that is 2592×1944, effectively four times that of Full HD at 30 frames per second (fps), providing consumers with ultra-high-definition video streaming experience.
  • ANPR Security Camera-
    VMukti designed ANPR Security Cameras to make use of an advanced deep learning algorithm for LPR, vehicle parts recognition, and traffic protocols violation detection. They have a keen ability to recognize number plates of high-speed motor vehicles across multiple lanes altogether. ANPR cameras are engineered with deep learning algorithms and powered with video analytics. In recent times, ANPR cameras are equipped with AI and deep learning algorithms also integrated with GPU processors, which are extremely accurate, reliable, and more than sufficient to overcome any circumstances. These security surveillance camera systems also help in the traffic management system and parking lots numbering systems.
  • Face Recognition Security Camera-
    VMukti Facial Recognition System powered with deep learning technology. Trained by capturing millions of images from all over the world, capturing faces from multiple ethnicities to enhance the face detection algorithm. CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras can easily identify faces that are difficult to recognize within standard video surveillance camera technology. It has a keen capability to capture facial featured with high accuracy reads and optimum success. VMukti Facial recognition system’s accuracy is over 98.5% on public standard data sets. It is an important part of VMukti’s smart product family, as facial recognition technology is also integrated with Edge and AI-based features such as ANPR detection, object detection, facial recognition, Intrusion detection, and many more. These systems include H.265+ Dome Camera that delivers up to 4k resolution that is 3840×2160, at 30 frames per second (fps), providing users with ultra-high-definition video with full clarity.
  • Objection Detection Camera-
    The object detection security camera particularly justifies the statement-Focus and Act that is responding to human and object detection process with help of VMukti AI Edge object detection camera. It is also integrated with rapid alarm systems for human and object classification differently. VMukti’s Object Detection Camera solutions have equipped them with artificial intelligence by analyzing the captured video content in real-time and give you the output instantly for object classification. It also provides real-time spontaneous alerts and live streaming available at Command and control center.
  • Edge AI-based Camera-
    Enabling Intelligent Edge devices with the help of AI-powered security surveillance cameras. Edge thereby is delivering three essential capabilities that are local data processing, then filtered data transfer to the cloud storage, and rapid decision-making. Edge AI is all about running AI-based algorithms locally on a physical device collecting the data on-site. They are highly customizable solutions utilizing the latest and next-generation technologies coming into the market, with more developed technologies like machine vision and edge computing. Edge AI enables the ability of complex tasks to be performed right on the spot with high-speed rates and low cost. VMukti Edge AI-based solution provides cloud monitoring for optimum security and reliability with HD streams to make every minute detail visible and more clear. It also saves 80% of your storage and bandwidth costs, so is affordable in range. You can monitor your property remotely from any location all around the world at any time. You can easily access live streams from your desktop, mobile, and tablets via an application.

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