BUS Surveillance

Ambicam can also be used for in-vehicle surveillance. Following diagram shows a bus with Ambicam installed. It can get connected via city Wi-Fi or it can use 3g/4g connectivity via mi-fi router.

There can be any number of buses connected using Ambicam and all of these can be monitored at central location or by individuals using mobile apps.

Along with cloud recording, all data are stored in SD card also. When buses reaches to depot at end of the day, all Ambicam will get connected to Depot Wi-Fi and data from SD card will be transferred to local storage system at Depot.


  • Surveillance and confirmation of identity can be accomplished by collating entry surveillance and video surveillance information.
  • Administrative auto monitoring system with secured Video Streaming Surveillance Tablets to monitor each School Buses.
  • Board and entrance examinations across states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu have been monitored using Tablets and VMukti’s proprietary solution
  • School Buses can take Immediate and real time actions either on Driver or Student in case of irregularity identified.
  • Across the entire state you can assure free-fair monitoring.
  • Occupied Sits for Women and Senior Citizen had been used only for them.
  • Proposed Device supports Live streaming at minimum speed as low as 2G.
  • We experience of handling at least 5000 cloud cameras at the same time.
  • Mobile view allows you to realize remote view & anywhere & anytime.
  • Proposed solution is working with 3G/2G SIM card and wifi both.

Technology Diagram


Features Tablet Camera
Cloud Push Mode Yes
Battery Yes (3 Hrs)
B/W per Camera 50-100kbps
Wi-Fi Yes
Maintenance Cost Low
Wide Angle Yes
Service / Local Support Yes
Features Tablet Camera
Maintainable Items Tablet
Manpower Very Low
Control Center Viewing Stations
Live In tablet it’s based on SIM/Wi-Fi connection
Cloud Based Yes
Built-in Memory 8GB
Costing Tablets, System Rental
Pricing Model Pure rental model possible


Solution Components

Item Description
Cloud Tab Take place in each buses.
Cloud Recording the live video feed.
Portal For Viewing purpose
Execution Execution of whole project
Application Install in each tablet