Best Webinar Solutions: Live Webcasting & Online Virtual Event Solutions

A live webcast refers to taking the media and broadcasting it in real-time over the Internet, hence there are designed Best webinar Solutions. Live streaming sends the information straight to the computer or device without saving the file to a hard disk and can be joined by an unlimited audience.

The importance of face-to-face interaction is always at the top, but during these tough times where everything is shifting to digitalization, since everybody needs to maintain a complete social distance, going virtual is now a crucial part of every event program organized by various industries both private and government sectors.

The main point to highlight is turning a multi-day conference, filled with several networking opportunities, educational sessions, training sessions, and the attendee insights generated into virtual events and webinars.

Hosting any virtual event or any kind of webinar requires the same care and attention as in-person interactions or offline events. With sessions taking place online, you need to effectively promote the event, engage the audience throughout, create memorable moments for attendees, and make the event a huge success for yourself as well as for the public.

The only thing that’s a missing key in virtual meetings is the venue and the audience on-site but if we take it positively, it can save a huge amount of money. By thinking of virtual events or webinars, they’re not the same as small presentations or as small webinars, but as reliable, value-added, engagement-driven experiences, you have to create an impact and influential event that extends well beyond only a screen.

VMukti’s Virtual webinars and Live Webcasting, conferencing solutions are the one-stop ideal solution for all your virtual meetings. our solution empowers you and your company to virtually interact with your innumerable audience and prospects using and sharing a unique online address. Your attendees or audience can effortlessly ask questions, share their ideas or inputs, and chat in real-time with the respective speaker.

Virtual learning, virtual meeting, virtual conferences, brand building, information sharing, and networking are the various aspects which can be presented via digitalized virtual platforms. Virtual Platform allows both small and large businesses to revolutionize their events by giving them a unique online address and platform with all the enhanced interactive features.

It assists in providing you a platform with all the advancements to host your online speaking sessions in real-time and enables your audience to connect virtually and digitally. Also, boost the speaker-audience interaction through interactive Q&A, chatting, and polling. Reach a vast amount of audience volume and get an opportunity to generate more qualified and integral leads with a unique virtual platform.

Industrial benefits of VMukti Virtual Webinar

  • Promotions
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Sales Meetings
  • Product Launch
  • Hybrid Meetings
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Marketing Events
  • Consumer Events
  • Training Seminars
  • Association meetings

Enhanced and interactive features integrated-

  • Visitors Registration/Login
  • Vendors Registration/Login
  • Session Hall (Multiple Video Conference)
  • Exhibition Hall (Virtual Booth)
  • Networking Lounge (Virtual Chat Room)
  • Live Sessions
  • Chat / Poll / Q&A

Keen expertise in terms-

  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics
  • Interactive sessions with broad exposure
  • Opportunity to reach a broader audience
  • Customized attendee’s registration forms
  • Re-purpose event content for multiple uses
  • Low-cost consumption and better management

Live Webinar and Conference in Covid19 Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a plethora of changes to our lives as it ravages on, spreading like wildfire. The Internet and technology have provided great assistance in helping us optimize our work processes and function efficiently during these difficult times. Companies and organizations have developed work from home regimes for their employees to work safely in isolation.

Online meetings and Live Webinars have kept us updated with the changes and advancements in our respective fields and sectors, ensuring we are not disconnected from the real world. We need to get accustomed to these changes and make the most of them during the pandemic.

Online webinars and conferences are rapidly growing trends that have grown in popularity with the pandemic. The common online platforms for online webinars and meetings are Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet etc. which help people connect virtually and establish clear communication with video support. These online platforms have become an integral part of the work processes in companies across different fields and sectors. Surveys suggest that 86% of companies conduct interviews for their candidates online and 73% of the companies use online platforms to conduct their team meetings.

Here are a few insights on how live webinar and conferences can help us during the COVID-19 times:

Different types of Webinars and Conferences

There are various types of webinars and conferences based on the nature and intent of the conference. Here are a few common live webinars and conferences conducted during the COVID times:

1:-Technical and Work-Related Conferences – These are the most common types of technical and work-related conferences that are conducted. Companies and organizations conduct live webinars and conferences to allow employees working from home to collaborate and work towards a common goal. They evaluate the performance of their employees and conduct meetings on a weekly or a monthly basis to keep track of their progress and guide them to improve efficiency. Live webinars often help educate your employees regarding the new technological advancements in the industry, putting their time at home to better use. Educating your employees will upgrade their skills and abilities making them valuable assets for your company. It boosts their performance and motivates them to push harder towards achieving better outputs for their companies.

2:-Recreational Webinars – Recreational webinars and conferences are conducted to engage people in their homes during the pandemic. The social distancing norms and self-isolation have allowed people to devote time for themselves and focus on learning new activities and hobbies. Many skilled practitioners have resorted to teaching their trades like cooking, music and musical instruments, Coding etc to impart their knowledge and skills to interested participants. People join classes in online webinars and participate in conferences to explore their areas of interests and make efficient use of the lockdown periods. Online conferences allow people with similar interests to meet up to learn and collaborate with their contemporaries providing them great exposure and interesting experiences. Music concerts, Comic cons and other recreational activities can also be conducted on online webinars and conferences allowing interested listeners to participate.

3:-Marketing Webinars – These webinars are a great way to generate new leads for your company and generate sales in highly competitive markets. They help you reach out to new potential clients who are interested in your product and improves your conversion rate. Meticulously planned out marketing webinars yield great results for companies and organizations making it a fail-safe plan to improve sales. Marketing webinars focus on making detailed presentations featuring the abilities and advantages of their products and services attracting new customers. Aggressive advertising of the webinars and regularly spacing them with hot topics being discussed by prominent speakers gather attention and popularity to the webinars and impacts the reputation of the company positively. Surveys suggest that 95% of the respondents believe that webinars are the key to lead generation and marketing efforts. Live webinars allow you to interact with potential buyers directly and produce a positive impact.


Advantages of Live Webinars and Conferences

There are various advantages of live online webinars and conferences that help empower people during pandemic times. It is quite cheap to organize online webinars and helps improve the reach and reputation of your company. You can bring in speakers from all parts of the world and interact with them widening your perspective regarding various trending topics and ideas. Lead generation and improvement in sales are huge perks that come with marketing webinars with a boost in company reputation and recognition.


Online platforms are a great way to reach out to new people during these pandemic times and keep everyone well-informed and entertained. It is essential for us to adapt to the changing times and the rapid growth in preference to online webinars and conferences have made them an essential component of our work processes. Empower yourself with knowledge from live webinars and conferences to improve your skill sets and performance during the COVID times.

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