Artificial Intelligence Edge AI Camera Solutions with Video Monitoring Technology

Edge AI Camera designed by VMukti is all about running AI-based algorithms locally on a physical monitoring and security device which collects all the data on-site. These security systems are highly customizable solutions utilizing the latest and advanced security technologies acquired with AI, machine vision, and edge computing. Edge AI camera enables all the complex tasks to be performed right on the spot at high speed and low costs. VMukti enabling intelligent and reliable edge-based devices through AI integrated security cameras. Edge technology is delivering three essential capabilities starting from local data processing, filtered data transfer to the cloud, and at last to more rapid decision-making.

VMukti’s latest and smart security solutions family includes 2k security products which are equipped with Edge and AI-based features such as enhanced ANPR system, object detection system, facial recognition system, Intrusion detection, and many more. VMukti presents a varying range of Edge AI-based security cameras that are-

  1. 1. Edge AI-Based PTZ ANPR Bullet Camera
  2. 2. Edge AI-Based Face Recognition Camera
  3. 3. Edge AI-Based Face & Object Detection Cameras

Listed below are the major advantages of deploying security surveillance camera systems with edge and AI-based technology-

  1. 1. Cloud and 4G monitoring for optimum security and scalability
  2. 2. HD streams to make every minute detail completely visible
  3. 3. Save 80% of your storage
  4. 4. Low bandwidth costs
  5. 5. Monitor your property remotely from any location on the planet and at any time
  6. 6. Respective smart application
  7. 7. Easy access to live streams from your smart devices like desktop, mobile, and tablets
  8. 8. Built-in motion detection to track every intruder
  9. 9. Audio detection sensors to instantly alert in case of uncertain sounds
  10. 10. Digital Zoom-in for a closer look at persons and objects at a farther distance
  11. 11. The compact and space-saving system
  12. 12. Wide Angle View for wide coverage

The Edge AI Camera is programmed using advanced algorithms and software that offer safe screening. Enhanced features of Edge AI security Camera with advanced video Analytics developed by VMukti Solutions include:

  1. 1. Accurate and rapid focusing property
  2. 2. Smart IR that is up to 120m IR distance
  3. 3. Get maximum coverage by the digital 4x optical zoom feature
  4. 4. Review even teeny tiny details in the best resolution without losing any image quality
  5. 5. Record 4K FHD video data and experience accurate picture and color representation
  6. 6. Environmental durability and eco-friendly
  7. 7. Auto Shutter speed control for objects in motion
  8. 8. Outstanding low light performance in any environment
  9. 9. Two-way Audio communication system
  10. 10. SD card and edge recording to keep your data safe and secure

The company has also added various advanced features and modified the whole security system to shorten the installation timing. The video surveillance system has also been designed to be capable enough of pointing in the preferred direction at the pre-scheduled location to cover the area with more traffic. When seized to the mounting plate, the security camera’s direction can be easily changed at intervals of PTZ function which is rotating throughout the viewing area around the lens which further allows the lens to be pointed in the desired direction as scheduled by the user.

Here mentioned are the already deployed applications of VMukti edge security camera systems-

  1. 1. Banks monitoring
  2. 2. Offices and enterprises monitoring
  3. 3. Commercial buildings monitoring
  4. 4. Hotels and restaurants monitoring
  5. 5. Educational institutions monitoring
  6. 6. Clinics and medical institutions monitoring
  7. 7. Warehouses and storage spaces monitoring
  8. 8. Vehicle Monitoring
  9. 9. Schools Bus monitoring
  10. 10. College monitoring

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