Are you facing security camera issues? Know, How to solve

Are you facing security camera issues? Know, How to solve

With so much reliance and dependence on closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras these days, even a minute problem can put you under stress. We are talking about security camera issues.

Since the CCTVs are designed for safety and security purposes, any small glitch or malfunction needs immediate attention to restore the users’ confidence.

It may be a residential or commercial building, traffic monitoring, banks, hospitals, government & private organizations, or even remote monitoring of premises. Wireless Security camera solution is sought immediately in case of any fault.

So what causes problems in a security camera? Well, being a technology-based product, a security camera can create issues due to many causes like:

  •         A network system error
  •         Power supplies problem
  •         An IP conflict
  •         Loose power cable

These are the common problems, which can be sorted with the help of the product user manual. In this blog, we will apprise you of the basic troubleshooting tips to address your security camera issues without any expert guidance.

1:- Check Your Security Camera Connection And Its Power Sources

  • The first and foremost problem to check is whether the camera is receiving power supplies or not. At times, the power cord may get loose or disconnected, so the security camera may not work.
  • If your security camera runs on electricity through a plug-and-play system, you should ensure that it’s plugged in properly.
  • If it’s plugged in properly, check if the camera is receiving the wattage necessary for its smooth functioning. Some security cameras need a high wattage than they might be getting from the source.
  • If your security camera is powered through battery, you should check if the battery is charged and providing the required power. Since every battery has a life span, it should be changed from time to time.
  • Presently, most security cameras come with LED lights, so you should check these lights to find out whether the security camera is ON or OFF. If the LED lights are glowing, the camera is getting power.
  • Also, most security cameras are powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet), which sends power through the cable used for the network connection. In such a case, check that your PoE source has power and is configured to provide power to the security cameras.

2:- Discover & Ping Your Security Camera

  • Check your security camera’s IP address and ping it with your mobile phone or computer to test the connection strength.
  • Open the windows search engine and type ‘cmd’. This will open a DOS command prompt. Now, type ‘ping’ and your IP address.
  • You may get to see ‘Destination Host Unreachable’ or ‘Request Time Out’ on screen. Check whether the device used by you is on a similar network as your security camera.
  • If the security camera is on the network, try to connect using the browser.

3:- Check For Any Software & Firmware Release and Update Your System

  • Many security camera manufacturing companies release software and firmware updates to address common problems and issues. The updates also bring in the latest features for better functioning of the security cameras.
  • You should always check the manufacturer’s website for any such releases and update your system for the newer version. Ensure to download the correct version as per your system; otherwise, it may create functional errors.

4:- Reboot the Security Camera System – The Best Solution to Most Tech Devices

  • You must have rebooted your computer, mobile phone, or other tech-based gadgets in case of any functional error, update, or simply hanging problem. The same goes for your security camera.
  • If your security camera is causing trouble, one of the best ways is to reboot it, wait for around 15 seconds and turn it on.
    Remember to refer to the security camera manual before rebooting and follow the instructions carefully, as every brand may have a different methodology.

5:- Reset the Security Camera to Factory Settings as the Last Resort

  • In every programmed device, if any problem affects its functionality and is not corrected by basic troubleshooting techniques, the last resort is to reset it to factory settings.
  • In security cameras, too, we follow this. It’s a time-consuming process, as all preferences and settings are back to their original state. Factory reset is quite effective in operating the security camera as it used to when installed.

However, every manufacturer may have a different reset process, so it’s imperative to refer to the user manual to avoid any complications.

A– In wired security cameras, the factory reset button is generally along with one of the cables.
B– In wireless cameras, the factory reset is done by holding the power button longer than needed to start the camera.

6:- Reconfirm Your Login Details to Make the Restoration Process Hassle-Free

Before going in for a factory reset, it is very important to have all your details (like username, password, code, email ID, security questions & answers ready, etc.) ready with you.

If you start the reset process without the necessary details in mind, you may get stuck in the process and may end up creating more troubles.

If any of the suggested ways for troubleshooting in this blog seem complicated to you, calling the security camera manufacturer helpline is always a good idea. Most helplines are meant to provide assistance to users on call. In complicated cases, where the security camera solution is not available in the user manual, company helpline, or any tutorial, it’s recommended to call the technician and get it repaired at the earliest.

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