Accurate Body Temperature Screening for Safer Schools with AI Analytics

Continuing the efforts to prevent the spread of Corona virus, schools are leaving no stone unturned in making all possible provisions for combating the deadly disease. Adoption of latest technology innovations is the next step towards preparing and ensuring safer premises for students, academic/ non-academic staff as well as visitors, once the schools reopen.

The best way to ensure extended safety in the current context is by installing contactless body temperature monitoring devices. Latest screening devices such as Thermal Camera with AI Analytics integrates smart algorithms that detect the high body temperature of individuals and ensure maximum safety. Advanced screening can enable educational institutions to safely reopen and operate the facilities without any anxiety or fear.

What is Thermal Camera with AI Analytics?

The thermal camera is an equipment designed to screen body temperature for detecting those with high-temperature range (usually above 37 Celsius). Inclusion of reference heat source enables the thermal cameras to function as an infrared thermometer. The significant difference is that these devices monitor skin-surface temperature from a safer social distance.

For protecting the students from COVID infection, the thermal camera acts as the comprehensive tool that ensures that they follow the social distancing norms by making a safe distance from each other. Moreover, it integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning which makes it possible to ensure that all the students, staff and visitors are wearing face masks.

Why Install Thermal Cameras with AI Analytics in Schools?

By installing Thermal Camera with AI Analytics, schools can efficiently pre-screen the employees, students, visitors, and vendors, on the entrance gate before they enter the premises. The screening devices are highly accurate, screens in less than a second in an entirely contactless manner.

Using thermal devices for body temperature screening can help the authorities to keep the premises COVID-free. You can stop the individual at the school entry gate on detecting high body temperature. Restraining the contagious person from entering the premises will ultimately prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the school.

Thermal Camera with AI Analytics comes with highly advanced algorithms and detectors. Rapid installation and quick analysis make it one of the most recommended equipment amidst the pandemic. Not only it prevents students from coming into contact with a contagious person but also keeps the entire premises safe and secure from dreaded Coronavirus.

Benefits of Thermal Temperature Screening

  • Contactless measurement from a distance
  • Reduce the risk of exposure to an infected person
  • Multiple devices with different coverage features
  • Accurate screening up to + 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Instant and accurate screening in less than 1 second
  • Advanced AI & ML integration to ignore hot objects such as coffee mugs
  • Live alerts to notify authorities on detecting a person with higher body temperature
  • Detects body temperature of students or staff before they enter the school premises

Easy Installation, Up and Running in Minutes

These cameras can be installed at all the entrance points to ensure complete safety of premises. These systems can be installed quickly and turn functional within minutes. The thermal camera doesn’t demand any specialised training for getting started. AI Analytics brings increased levels of convenience and adds to the safety of school facilities.

Having the capability to identify high body temperature accurately and efficiently in compliance with social distancing regulations and guidelines will reduce the opportunities for COVID to spread in the school premises. It will significantly protect the students and staff safety when the school reopens.

AI Analytics results in raising the alarm within 0.5 seconds on identifying an individual with high body temperature, and information is conveyed to the central control unit.

Important Information- Good to Know!

Turn on the power supply of the thermal body temperature detector at least 30 minutes before the screening begins or school starts. It enables the equipment to preheat before the screening.

During the temperature screening, the students, staff, or any other person entering the premises must face the camera. Ensure that anyone under projection is not covering the forehead; else, temperature screening will be inaccurate. If the person is prone to sweating or comes from substantial temperature different to that of the testing environment, he/she must wait till the body temperature turns to normal.

To sum up, Thermal Cameras with AI Analytics is the latest technology that safeguards students and staff in schools with accurate body temperature screening. Latest AI-driven intelligent equipment monitors the body temperature and detects the individual with high temperature to control the spread of COVID.

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