A Right CCTV Camera Makes the Surveillance Much More Effective

In an era of growing technologies, it’s very important to keep up the pace with modernization. A few years back, security was the major concern among every individual but in today’s time, we are observing that the concerns regarding security have been decreased among individuals because of surveillance provided by CCTV camera.

There were ample companies manufacturing CCTV cameras in the market but due to the growing demand for next-generation technologies, these companies have started adding advanced features to the security cameras to make them more efficient and reliable. Modern CCTV systems have a wide range of features blended with the new generation technologies. CCTV cameras have video analytic features such as ANPR, facial recognition, and object classification, as well as various storage- and monitoring-related features such as cloud storage and real-time alerts. Due to the new features and technologies blended, the CCTV camera has made surveillance much more efficient.

It is very true that the right CCTV camera makes the surveillance much more efficient because whenever we have to install a security camera at our home or workplace first we definitely have to keep our keen requirements in mind. If our requirements don’t match the features provided by a security system then there will be no enhanced benefits of installing that camera. There are various features defining security cameras. Some of them are-

  • Motion detection CCTV camera:- A CCTV camera with motion detection features supports the starting of video recording only when it detects any kind of motion within its field of view. It doesn’t record continuously and only when there is any type of movement. This is the best type of security camera used in the less accessed area because it will save a lot of storage with less need of storage, backup, and achieving, which makes it easy to browse and retrieve data.
  • Infra-red lighting CCTV camera:- CCTV cameras can only record any movement if there is any light present in the surroundings and is shining upon the objects. Infra-red light CCTV cameras have integrated infra-red LED’s pre-installed in them. These LEDs illuminate the objects in their field of view when there is no light available. These security cameras are best for both day and night vision.
  • Two-way audio CCTV camera:- Multiplexing audio or two-way audio is an understated advanced feature of CCTV security cameras. It allows the operator, operating camera by sitting in control room to have a conversation with the individual in front of the camera. The conversation is also recorded and stored in the cloud storage or hard drive, like any other video footage.
  • Automatic number plate recognition CCTV camera:- This is the most extraordinary feature of a security camera majorly used for smart city surveillance. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) allows analytic software to automatically detect and read vehicle’s number plate. ANPR can be used to ease parking access, reduce transit times, keep accurate data on how many parking spaces are used and by whom and it can also control and log in access to an apartment’s parking access.
  • Facial recognition CCTV camera:- Facial recognition CCTV cameras are advanced features which helps to assist a CCTV security camera system to match an individual’s face with n internal database record. It is used widely everywhere because in some places security and customer service are of utmost importance. It can be used in schools, offices, government buildings, shopping malls, etc.
  • Cloud storage CCTV camera:- Storing an ample amount of CCTV security camera data was the greatest challenge of all time because hard drives were not that compatible. But with the help of cloud storage technology it has become handier to store data, archive it and then again retrieve it whenever needed. With the help of cloud storage, CCTV security systems use cloud resources to store and retrieve data.
  • Wireless connectivity CCTV camera: Traditionally, CCTV cameras had wired connections because that time wireless was not that developed and was often slow and unreliable. But the things have changed several folds, the development of wireless camera took a round turn and in these modern times, only wireless security cameras are preferred by the consumers. Wireless security cameras are handy because their infrastructure and installation are way simpler than traditional wired security cameras.
  • Thermal screening CCTV camera: This is the most important and extraordinary cameras to be used today because these types of security cameras with the help of thermal detectors, detects the surface temperature of any body or object. This detection helps to identify that a person is suffering from fever or any type of illness such that there is an increase in the temperature. These cameras provide utmost help in today’s time where every individual need to take certain precautions while going to some work or going to study. It also has add-on features like mask detection, whether a person is wearing a mask or not, and if not than it sends alert. This is a type of contactless screening of a person, so as not risk any other individual.

When it comes to overall safety and security of you and your family, video surveillance and security cameras are most important. Living in 21’st century it is very crucial to follow the trends of modern technology in terms of our security and safety. Some major benefits of security cameras are-

  • Crime prevention
  • Evidence collection
  • Safety and security
  • Employee security
  • Public & private property surveillance
  • Protection against frauds
  • Prevent harassments
  • Women safety
  • Avoid thefts
  • Lower risks of vandalism
  • Overall safety for every citizen

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