9 Advanced CCTV Camera Surveillance Solutions to Protect People

9 Advanced CCTV Camera Surveillance Solutions to Protect People

The last few decades have seen commendable infrastructural growth in security-related issues across the globe. With an increased demand for security, video-based surveillance has become a crucial domain for research. Advanced CCTV Camera Surveillance Solutions can be considered as an intelligent video processing technique designed to assist security professionals by offering real-time alerts and support efficacious video analysis for evidence collection in case of a crime.

Different security surveillance solutions are needed for the designing of efficient surveillance systems under various conditions. Advanced CCTV camera is required in different environmental conditions such as indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Surveillance systems are soaring in popularity. Residential societies, private organizations, as well as government organizations, use these systems to keep a check on various activities to ensure the security of people. Older security systems had a considerable dependence on human operators. Lately, automated systems are being preferred because of their efficiencies and reliability.

Surveillance with human operators can have inadequacies and human errors. They have a high cost of labour and no guarantee of security. Hence, traditional surveillance systems are now being replaced with advanced CCTV and surveillance solutions to combat the issues faced by traditional systems.

Which advanced CCTV camera surveillance solutions can be used for maximum safety?

CCTV cameras come in various types. These vary from each other depending upon their features such as view angle, video surveillance, and other security features provided by them. Let us now discuss some of the advanced surveillance solutions that can be incorporated in the security detail of a place to ensure the highest extent of safety.

1. PTZ Cameras: This is one of the most advanced CCTVs. The P stands for pan, T for tilt, and Z for zoom. These three are the primary features of this camera. This camera can be controlled by software or a joystick. The PTZ camera has the ability to rotate 360 degrees so that it can cover a vast area in detail.

Its other features include its weatherproof nature, Night vision, multiple alarms, auto-focus, and tamper resistance. It is a great choice for areas that have a vast area. It can be mounted on walls and roofs, depending upon the desired view.

2. Box camera: Box camera is commonly used in security operations. It is an outdoor CCTV camera in which customization of the lens is possible. This surveillance solution is an ultra-high-resolution advanced CCTV.

It is made with the new image sensor processor which is capable of capturing video at 700 TV lines of resolution in colour as well as black & white. It includes a 6-60mm variable focal auto-iris lens which allows security installers a lot of flexibility to adjust the camera angle of view and zoom level.

3. Dome camera: This surveillance solution is a combination of lens, camera and ceiling mount packaged in a dome shape. This is well suited for surroundings that tend to get dirty such as kitchens, storerooms, and so on. The best feature of this CCTV camera is that it is compact and stylish looking.

4. IP camera: IP cameras are popularly known as internet protocol cameras and they generally come under advanced CCTV. An internet protocol camera usually transmits a digital signal using internet protocol over a network.

The primary features of these CCTV cameras include high resolution and scalability. Up to 30 megapixels are available in the market for this camera, right now.

5. Wireless IP camera: Another surveillance solution that has taken the world by storm is the wireless IP camera. As its name suggests, this type of camera is completely wireless and is very easy to install.

It reduces the rate of network cabling. The camera also has the feature of tilting and revolving which helps in maximum viewing with clarity and even in low light.

6. Bullet camera: This CCTV camera is shaped like a bullet. It is a combination of camera and lens, packaged like a bullet. It is ideal for dim light areas and can be easily mounted on ceilings and walls because most of them use a tri-axis type of base. These cameras come in all sizes, from small to large.

Infrared bullet surveillance solutions generally are larger in diameter to put up extra space that their infrared light-emitting diodes require.

7. Day and night CCTV camera: These cameras are used for both indoor ad outdoor environments with low or dim illumination and visibility. A day and night CCTV camera has distinctive lenses that permit infrared emission formed by infrared LEDs and imitated from objects to go through and reach to a charge-coupled device or complementary MOSFET chip inside the camera.

As a result, the end-user can see the picture in total darkness at the distance of infrared emission produced by LEDs. A day and night camera can have infrared LEDs mounted on its housing or can accept the emission, produced by an infrared steeple.

8. Thermal camera: These advanced CCTVs can detect anomalies that are generally invisible to the naked human eye, thus taking corrective preventing costly systems from going for a total breakdown. Thermal imaging cameras are used to determine the maintenance requirements for electrical and mechanical installations as they tend to generate unusual heat before they fail.
A thermal imaging camera is a non-evasive instrument that scans and visualizes the temperature distribution of surfaces of a machine quickly and accurately, thus reducing cost and saving precious time.

9. Security alarms: Other than CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems, security alarms are advanced surveillance solutions that can work wonders and help deter crimes. CCTV cameras store footage that can be accessed anytime but alarms are even more effective than surveillance equipment.

Alarms, when installed can help stop a potential crime very quickly and the criminal can be caught readily. CCTV cameras can be used to view suspicious activities in the retrospect but alarms have the ability to stop suspicious activities right in the beginning.



We hope that this article helps you make the best decision for yourself. Consider investing in one of these advanced surveillance solutions and safeguard yourself and the people around you.

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