5 Ways to Reduce Theft & Crime using Cloud CCTV Camera


Cloud CCTV Camera is a new type of security surveillance system introduced in our society, to help detect and prevent theft and crimes. These type of cameras prove very useful for securing homes as well as offices or workplaces. The cloud surveillance system supports cloud for the safer and more massive storage and accessibility of the recorded footage. This has led to an exponential growth in the surveillance data, being managed and stored on the cloud.

Well, Cameras appear to us as of paramount importance due to several other purposes and merits served by them as well.

  • Lower capital cost: Cloud CCTV Camera lean more towards the low cost as compared to the IP system cameras. These cameras prove to be the most efficient for large businesses.
  • Decreased IT staffing: The cloud-hosted video platform supports a shared infrastructure model, therefore reducing the need for surveillance-trained staff or personnel.
  • Scalability: Cloud-hosted systems are designed to be flexible and scalable enough. Businesses can upgrade or expand their entire CCTV system as per their needs with minimal resources and cost.
  • Ease of Installation: VMukti introduces a Cloud-based CCTV surveillance system supporting a plug and play installation method, unlike the other traditional surveillance systems which require installing routers, a dedicated operating system, storage servers and the application software.
  • Automation: These cameras are set up and configured automatically in a cloud-hosted environment. This platform supports remote access and management with encryption capabilities.

Reduce Theft & Crime 

Thefts and crimes are a huge concern for businesses and owners after all these illegal activities affect the profits of the company. VMukti assists you with keeping your business premises secured from criminal events like robberies and crimes, regardless of small or large businesses. VMukti offer several benefits, not only in protecting against outside intrusions and burglaries but also contribute towards the sustenance of business and making it a better place to work.

  • Cloud CCTV Camera helps with the work-flow monitoring: You can explore the activities of the employees in a quite a greater depth and if any actions or measures are required to boost their performance. This is possible with the right Cloud CCTV surveillance camera system. Small retail businesses can find this very helpful to monitor their staff when they are understaffed or overstaffed.
  • Surveillance Cameras create a safer workplace: The employees are the asset to the business. Therefore, the protection of the employees is of equal utmost importance as the protection of your business data and properties. Mounting these cameras at the parking entries and exits safeguard the employees by preventing vehicles break-in as well.
  • Security Cameras avert employee robberies and crimes: It is possible for the employees of any business to steal from your company, be it any important confidential document data or any physical assets and resources. You can set up a right quality image and video footage cameras at your workplace to protect your business.
  • Insurance costs can get reduced to a great extent: You can attain discounted rates for the insurance after setting up the surveillance cameras at your store or workplace. A dependable outdoor or indoor surveillance system provides an assurance to your insurance provider about you taking steps and measures to safeguard your businesses from thefts.
  • You can avoid and prevent petty lawsuits with the help of these security cameras: Security cameras are excellent deterring devices in case of a lawsuit brought in by the employee to sue your business. Installed surveillance system prove integral in protecting the business owner and the business, in case of physical fights between employees or harassment claims spawning lawsuits.


Employee theft is a severe problem for retailers and business owners. Cloud CCTV Camera, whether installed for small or large scale businesses, are an effective and efficient way to prevent internal or external intruders or threats. Small businesses can benefit from inexpensive smart cameras. Large scale businesses, on the other hand, can install more comprehensive surveillance systems which can be expanded further, depicting scalability and flexibility.

You can see for yourself the benefits that VMukti offers for the cloud-based video surveillance systems. They have unique features, too, for the businesses to be benefited. Some of the features include ultra HD image quality, night vision, scalability and flexibility, cloud storage and management for the footage data. There is an increases vigilance, and the thefts are ultimately reduced with a cloud-based video surveillance system.

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