5 Reasons You Should Install A WIFI Security Camera System

WIFI Security Camera

So, you’ve been planning a vacation for quite some time now. Your itinerary involves being away from home for weeks but you’re paranoid over leaving your house for so long without supervision.

Or, you run an enterprise, a factory or an industrial unit and there are frequent instances of occupational hazards like fire, chemical leakage, equipment breakdown and more. You might even run a shop or a retail space, where you’ve been experiencing instances of burglaries and shoplifting and all you want for your retail store is a safe environment for your customers, your employees and ultimately, your products.

Regardless of whether it’s for commercial, residential or industrial purposes, surveillance solutions are life-savers in every sense. From securing premises to offering you peace of mind, CCTV camera eliminate the need for a human to be constantly present in a place surveilling an environment. They keep recording live footage that you could use for investigative purposes or even monitor activities in real time so you can have an immediate response plan for hazards.

In simple terms, CCTV cameras are inevitable today. However, a lot of people are still unaware of the radical advancements that have happened in this space. Conventional wired cameras and devices have been replaced by their superior and sophisticated counterparts that offer more flexibility, liberty and affordability to users.

Yes, we are talking about the insane product called a WIFI camera and in this post, we will be looking at what it is and its advantages.

Let’s get started.

What Is A WIFI Security Camera?

A WIFI Security camera is a surveillance device that connects to the internet to transmit footage. The recordings are stored on the cloud and can be retrieved at any given point of time. They are smaller than conventional surveillance cameras and come with a range of benefits we will be discussing ahead.

Thanks to their form factor and functionality, WIFI cameras are being increasingly preferred by companies and consumers around the world. Last year in 2020, the global value of wireless cameras was around $20660mn and it is estimated that by the year 2027, it would surge to over $40mn.

5 Reasons You Should Install A WIFI Security Camera System

1. No Wires
WIFI cameras are easy going in terms of installation and technicalities. You’ll have no loose wires or require abundant cables connecting from multiple sources such as telephone lines and power sources to keep them up and running. They wirelessly connect to your network and start surveilling your premises.

This also means that intruders will have no cables to disconnect and disrupt surveillance activities. With efficient batteries, you can be sure of 24/7 recording and live monitoring of your surroundings.

2. Real Time Video Feed
Because they are powered by the internet, you can view real-time footage from your wireless camera from wherever you are. Through the camera’s app or dedicated portal, you can keep an eye out on your home, workplace, retail store or other places and see if things are normal.

This way, one of the major benefits you would experience is that you could consistently check on the wellbeing of your kids, infants or pets if you’re away from home for sometime. You could also immediately check on people delivering your packages, food delivery agents and more from your device instantly.

3. Insurance Benefits
For the uninitiated, insurance companies offer discounts on properties that have adequate measures taken for their safety and security. By installing a wireless camera, you get lucrative discounts on your insurance premiums. Not just that, because surveillance cameras have footage as evidence, your insurance claims are processed faster and more seamlessly as well.

4. Flexible Placement
Remember we mentioned a WIFI camera doesn’t require any wire or cable whatsoever? This makes them flexible and location independent. You can install a WIFI camera wherever you need without having to worry about a perpetual power source. The wireless cameras of today are equipped with powerful sensors that offer solid range for reception and transmission of data, further making them flexible in terms of where you want to install them in your premises.

So, if you own a large home or a backyard, you could conveniently move your WIFI camera depending on the best vision.

5. Performance In Stealth

Wireless security cameras can be easily hidden under plain sight. Since they are devoid of cables and are smaller in their shape and form factor, they could be easily eclipsed behind objects or walls. This could ensure intruders have no clue about the presence of a surveillance system while the device keeps recording clear footage for investigations. Thanks to real-time video feed, instantaneous actions could be triggered to mitigate threats as well.

Ideal Places To Install A WIFI Camera

Wireless cameras are beneficial for installations across diverse environments. For beginners to have a more elaborate idea, here’s a quick list:

  • Schools, universities and libraries
  • Public places such as malls, cinema halls, markets and busy avenues
  • Residential complexes such as condos, apartments and gated communities
  • Commercial establishments
  • Airports, railway stations and transport hubs
  • Inside cabs and transport aggregators such as Uber, Lyft and more


A WIFI camera is not a luxury but an essential in today’s world. Safety and security is real in the current scenario and the only possible entity to offer you peace of mind and prevent damages to life and property is a WIFI camera.

So, if you don’t have one installed in your premises, we urge you to reach out to us with your requirements. We offer an incredible lineup of state of the art security systems such as IR cameras, thermal cameras, night vision and more. Based on your industrial, commercial or personal requirements, we will recommend the one that is most ideal for you.

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