10 Ways to Keeping Home Safe While You on Vacation or Travelling

10 Ways to Keeping Home Safe While You on Vacation or Travelling

It is obvious to be concerned about the safety and security using surveillance Camera for Home where you live. However, the concern is much more when you are away for holidays, vacations, or pilgrimage. In this blog, we bring 10 valuable tips to help you keep your home safe while you are away.

We will talk about the tried & tested ways, as well as the technologically advanced practices, like installing CCTV camera for home security and other smart devices, to ensure the safety of your home.

1. Don’t let anyone know that your home is vacant

An occupied home is full of activities, which are quite evident to the outsiders. So, you can make arrangements to make it look like an active home while you are away.

For example:

Make sure to inform your newspaper supplier to stop delivering newspapers at your doorstep during your vacation or ask someone to pick them up regularly. A pile of newspapers or a bunch of mail deliveries at the entrance is a sure sign of an empty house. If you have a lawn or plants outside your home, it is advisable to appoint someone to keep it maintained and watered. Unattended, overgrown gardens and dried plants are loud signs of a vacant house.

Make sure to park a vehicle on your driveway or ask your neighbor to park theirs to assure movement. Having vehicular parking or movement is a great way to deceive burglars. Don’t just pack your home with curtains, blinds, and shutters. If possible, leave your exterior windows curtains half-open to give an impression that the house isn’t empty. Ask your maid or help to clean the exteriors regularly to make it look like a regular thing.

2. Keep your valuables in safe custody

If you have jewelry or valuables at home, make sure to keep them doubly secure. Although it is not advisable to keep a lot of cash and gold at home, if you still have treasure at home, make sure to conceal it in a safe or hidden lockbox or some secure space like a bank locker.

3. Don’t publicize your vacation to the world

There have been many instances of burglary soon after looking at the social media statuses of a family. It’s not good to let the whole world peek into your travel plans. Once the culprits know your plans, they make better plans to barge in. So, try avoiding status updates or broadcasting your location on social media during vacation. It’s better to update your social media after you return.

4. Double-check a few important things before leaving the house

Follow Grandma Rules and double-check important things:

  • No one can predict power surges. So, disconnect all the electrical appliances, which are not required to be kept ‘ON’, like computers, AC, TV, microwave, etc. And those which are running must be plugged safely into a surge protector.
  • Check and tighten the knobs of taps and showers. If possible, turn off the water supplies to avoid any pipe burst or leaks.
  • Check doors and windows to be properly latched to avoid damages due to wind or rain. Also, locks have to be double-checked.
  • Check LPG or gas stove connection to avoid any leakage.

5. Check validity of your household insurance policy

Before moving out on your vacation, you should check for your home insurance validity. If something happens in your absence, you will want to contact your home insurance company to resolve any issues on your return.

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6. Install CCTV camera for home security and surveillance

Among the best ways to monitor and secure your home while away is to install a CCTV camera for home security. Security cameras are smarter now and can be accessed anywhere using a smartphone. Also, by installing sensors in your home, the security systems can immediately send SOS messages when they detect any movement.

7. Reset timers for electrical appliances to show your presence in the absence

Remote access enables you to add liveliness to your home by switching on fans, radio or TV with a loud noise to add a natural inhabited look. You can also preset a timer to switch on the lights in case of unusual movements detected during night hours in your CCTV camera for home security.

8. Use pocket-friendly Smart LED bulbs for random lighting

If you are looking for easier and pocket-friendly ways to keep burglars at bay, try smart LED bulbs. These bulbs easily connect to an app or smart home assistant that enable you to control them remotely. So keep your daily routine intact and keep switching your lights on and off from anywhere.

9. Install smart locks and set a temporary code for emergency use

Sometimes, there can be a situation where someone has to open your home in your absence. For such a scenario, you should have smart locks. You can allow temporary access with a time-bound code. And you can cancel or reset the code anytime. It is a much better way to enable maids or relatives to maintain the home inside regularly in your absence.

10. Install a smart video doorbell to interact with visitors at your door

The smart video doorbell is quite common these days. It enables you to see who is ringing your bell no matter where you are in the world. It helps secure your important parcels or mails by ensuring their delivery to your neighbors. Once the doorbell rings, you will be able to speak to the visitor in real-time.

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All said and done, CCTV camera for home security is nowadays regarded as the best way, rather than the best investment for your home’s safety and security. If you want more information on CCTV camera for home security or simply looking to install one for your home, you can connect with VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – a renowned company providing advanced home security and surveillance solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

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