10 Reasons Why Wireless CCTV Technology Beat Security Guards

Can Wireless CCTV Technology replace security guards? Do contemporary security cameras have the technology and potential in them to completely eliminate human efforts and intervention from the surveillance ecosystem?

Spoiler alert: it turns out that they can.

Modern surveillance solutions are unlike any security cameras we’ve all witnessed and have been familiar with. Today, the CCTV technology has evolved at dynamic rates, incorporating and adopting emerging trends and technologies such as artificial intelligence, night vision, IR, thermal imaging, machine learning, analytics, IoT and more to deliver airtight security solutions to end users.

Such massive advancements in this space got us curious and thinking about a unique angle – can CCTV technology beat security guards and arrive as independent wings? Let’s explore several aspects to this and understand if they can (or not).

Let’s get started.

10 Reasons Why Wireless CCTV Technology Beat Security Guards

1. Vision And Field Of View

As humans, we have limitations in terms of our vision. Peripheral vision is not something all humans are great at. When you deploy security guards with limited peripheral vision, chances are highly likely that thieves or attackers might slip in when unnoticed. However, that’s not the case with security cameras. They are equipped with 360-degree vision and can swivel at any angle, allowing you to have a complete view of your surroundings and make way for their safety.

2. Cost Effective

If you have massive premises to safeguard or if you’re looking to protect your organization or workplace, you would need more security guards. This means you’ll incur more operational expenses. Switch to wireless CCTV camera and you bring down your expenses significantly. Plus, CCTV cameras are one-time investments and you only have to service them occasionally. They don’t come with any other demands in terms of maintenance as well. So, when it comes to finances, security cameras are clear winners.

3. It’s Not Always About Burglaries Or Crimes

While the security and surveillance spectrum has always been synonymous with safeguarding properties and assets, there is also an abstract concept of peace of mind and assurance. It’s not always about crimes when it comes to workplaces, office floors, residential complexes and more. Sometimes, people need to feel assured about their security and having a security guard on patrol at all times is only creepy and inconvenient.

That’s where security cameras have an edge. By installing wireless cameras, you can ensure your employees, residents and visitors feel safe and protected without being patrolled or supervised by fellow humans.

4. Perpetually Alert

With all due respects to security guards, let us acknowledge the fact that humans are prone to involuntary circumstances such as fatigue, distractions and other factors. There could be chances of thieves waiting to capitalize on such instances when security guards are not at their best functionality.

However, security cameras aren’t capable of giving in to such instances. They are perpetually on standby and act as both crime deterring and preventing solutions 24X365.

5. Recollection And Recreation Of Incidents

An area or a building guarded only by security guards is restricted with a guard’s photographic memory when undesirable events such as thefts or crimes happen. When they happen to witness an incident, the law enforcement officials will have to rely on what the guards saw and experienced.

Like you know, during testing conditions, the human mind becomes too shaken up to remember details precisely and help with investigations. On the other hand, security cameras do the perfect job of recording every single moment of the crime, help the police identify and detect attackers or intruders, help them recreate crime scenes and investigate better. This leads to ultimate protection and safety of premises.

6. Optimizes Individual Integrity

Apart from the fact that surveillance cameras offer assurance and peace of mind, they also foster an environment of optimized individual integrity. Employees, visitors and the general public, when they know they are being watched will be on their best behavior subconsciously. This only helps in the wellbeing and sanity of everyone in a particular region, area or premises.

7. Last Line Of Defense

Wireless CCTV technology is the ultimate last line of defense one can have in an area. Even when your security guards are compromised and an area has been breached, security cameras will continue to do their job in stealth and ultimately assist in solving crimes and preventing future occurrences of such events.

8. Perfect For Public Places

For places that are too crowded at any given point of time such as malls, cinema halls, schools, airports, railway stations and more, deploying more security guards or law enforcement officials doesn’t make sense at all. The population density will only keep increasing with ineffective security measures.

In such places, security cameras are more practical and reliable than security guards, where any number of devices across all directions can be deployed at strategic points for optimal surveillance. This way, the public can proceed with their work without bumping into a security guard every few minutes.

9. Capabilities Beyond Humans

Modern wireless CCTV technology solutions are increasingly becoming powerful. So far, if they’ve been mostly passive and linear, they can now accomplish the unthinkable thanks to their sophisticated technologies. For instance, cameras equipped with artificial intelligence and Big Data can immediately detect the face of an accused or a suspect from a database and pull out details instantaneously. They also have a super-fast incident response time when compared to security guards.

If guards have to rush to a place to tackle a hazard such as a fire outbreak, it takes significant time to mitigate the incident. On the contrary, connected cameras can instantly trigger fire alarms and eliminate hazardous incidents.

10. Ease Of Maintenance

Apart from being cost-effective, surveillance cameras are also easy to deploy and maintain. They have a high scalability ratio and can be downgraded or upgraded at any given time. Besides, the wireless solutions of today don’t even require tedious installation and maintenance requirements. They can be easily added to a network and be switched on for instant surveillance.


Wireless CCTV technology is pushing boundaries in terms of what more can be achieved in the surveillance space. If you feel you need your premises protected by a solid surveillance system, reach out to us today. 

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