Focus on your Teaching with our Technology.

Our interactive Virtual Classroom Software simulates a real classroom environment wherein participants interact face to face with their own professor ---- seeing, hearing, asking questions, just like in a real classroom.

Learn in a rich virtual classroom environment

Virtual Classroom Software is full featured virtual training environment consisting of an interactive online virtual classroom featuring functional and intuitive interface. With its Web based student management system for scheduling classes.

  • Your virtual classroom is available anytime without any restrictions, teach from any place. Engage your students in a rich learning experience.
  • Data transfer rate optimization matches user connection speeds.
  • Real time collaboration between teacher and the student.

High Quality Video Communication

See facial expressions and hear multiple voices, with our high quality video, to understand student's needs just like being in a regular classroom. Create a natural classroom and build good relationship with the audience.

  • Stream videos at up to 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) with adjustable video quality.
  • Demonstration of procedures, products and concepts can be explained visibly and effectively.
  • Full screen video is available with the click for easy viewing on a variety of screen sizes.

Real-time Participant Insights and User Reports

Monitor and measure class effectiveness through various tools available on the VirtualClassroom Software.

  • Tabulate the number of participants who listen to you.
  • Audit reports show you what activities and did by whom?
  • Screen shots available as per set time frame to know what participants are doing.
  • A much secured one login with one username.

Get-up and running fast with easy scheduling

Full administration support and policy controls you need with simplify training and education.Students read and reflect on the chapters by themselves. Lectures and sessions can bereviewed afterwards.

  • Participants will be given desired usernames to get login for the sessions.
  • Students can review sessions end number of times and hence.
  • Professors will act as guide and resources, but its up to the participants to collaborate,discuss, review ideas and present solutions.
  • Chat with your students in the virtual classroom software for effective real-time communication.

Secure, reliable, and well-performaned

The whole technology behind the Virtual Classroom Software is designed to make it easy to use—we make sure of it. With that said, we also make sure you receive whatever help you need at every step. We offer online training for students and learners. All the help you need is right here!

  • Experience high quality video communication.
  • Keep your sessions safe and secure on your own portal.
  • Enjoy the highly reliable service with high level of security when you need it.
  • Customize your classroom with your own logo for branding and give it a personal touch.
  • Get the best out of social media as we provide the ability to embed virtual classrooms in your website.

Virtual Classroom Software Features

  • Away faculties’ awesome conveniences.
  • Share documents, applications, streaming videos and more.
  • Full setup and operation support.
  • Attendance registration and tracking.
  • Real time collaboration with HQ video communication.
  • Text chat functionality between teach and taught.
  • One user one login.
  • Benefit of future developments (add on courses).
  • Secure your content and sessions. No download and copyrighting issues.
  • Students interaction through internet at 100 kbps.
  • Sessions can be reviewed when needed.
  • Own content and make it your possession!
  • Cloud based hosted SAAS service

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