Proven Technology

  • Complete & End-to-end Software solution for smart cloud monitoring with Wi-Fi & 4G.
  • Highly scalable cloud infrastructure; 25000+ Locations Simultaneously monitored through Cloud Infrastructure; US Cloud data centre
  • Complete Automation & Mobile Device Management; State of the Art Provisioning System
  • Robust and Auto correcting Firmware; Feature rich portals & apps
  • Patent pending low bandwidth & high quality technology that can send legally admissible video footage to cloud starting a low 20kbps up to 4mbps.

Technology Portfolio


Bandwidth Aggregator

Media Server


Used for recording and streaming of video content. Based on advanced motion estimation and detection algorithms for high quality video content. Indigenously developed Video Compression Technology. Real Time Video Streaming supporting Android, iOS platforms. On the fly and Cloud Transcoding.

Aggregation of Bandwidth combining 12 Data cards + 1Ethernet + 1 Wi-Fi Connection. Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, CDMA modes. Indigenously developed Bandwidth Bonding Algorithm. Easy to operate and manage equipped with automatic operations.

Dynamic Adaptive Bit rate. Geo Delivery of Content. Compatible with existing technology and applications on client side. Secured Streaming with dual encryption and Geo IP Locking. Intelligent Live Reporting and Log Generation. Cloud based technology enabling Scaling upto unlimited attendees.

Industry best support for Jittery and Latency. SSL implementation along with authenticated access. Proxy and Firewall Compliant. No Plug-in required. Independent of any operating system or browser. Token Based Streaming and Restricted Download..