Intensely light weight media server and video compression technology.

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“Video Communications is utilized all over the world. This relies heavily on high-bandwidth speeds and high-end communications infrastructures to deliver high-quality video communications. In countries like India, video communication is almost next to impossible. At VMukti, we developed a video communications system. The VMukti Interactive Streaming Technology, is a web-based application that is able to use low-bandwidth speeds and operates on existing communications infrastructures, reducing its cost.

Low Bandwidth Usage & High Quality Resolution.

VMukti’s Interactive Streaming Solution offer Web Convergence, Distributed Architecture, SIP, Video, Cloud Computing. Our Motion Estimation Algorithms allows us to compress videos up to 2.5 times.
  • Works across any firewall/proxy in the world
  • No need of resource heavy like Java/Flash/.NET

Competitive analysis


Turn your computer into a TV studio for live webcasting.

  • Capture from multiple sources including multiple cameras, computer desktop, capture cards (Blackmagic, Osprey & Matrox Multi) and the Live portable backpack
  • Add professional production value to your live webcasts
  • Switch between multiple cameras
  • Add images, movie clips, external audio, text
  • Add titles and transitions
  • Use any computer on the network as a source
  • Simultaneously stream live and save to disk for on-demand distribution

VMukti cloud

VMukti Cloud is comrised of several VMukti Live Media Streaming and Storage Server (LMS). These servers are spread across the world. LMS have an interface portal for participants and Web-based management support for administrators to view.

State of the Art – Video Compression Technology

  • HD starting at 150 kbps
  • No Buffering
  • Less than 500kb media server encoder & player
  • Real time transcoding/ transmitting
  • Video Source mixing and switching
  • HD recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Single sign on
  • Self-recovery system
  • Content protection
  • VMukti Cloud Servers across the world

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