Effective and fastest module to propel your business and enable you to do more with less.

The future of online experiences is here today with the ability to stream/webcast your live events to viewers anywhere in the world. In addition, it is changing the way people see the world today, streaming media is providing new and easier ways of communicating between continents, cultures, business, and people anywhere on the earth using webcasting services.

Turn your computer into a TV studio for live webcasting services.

  • Capture from multiple sources including multiple cameras, computer desktop, capture cards (Blackmagic, Osprey & Matrox Multi) and the Live portable backpack
  • Add professional production value to your live webcasts
  • Switch between multiple cameras
  • Add images, movie clips, external audio, text
  • Add titles and transitions
  • Use any computer on the network as a source
  • Simultaneously stream live and save to disk for on-demand distribution

Make your live events livelier.

Live webcast your product launches, conferences, seminars, and events on the web and also on leading mobile devices and reach a wide base of audience world-wide.

  • Conduct online events with limitless attendees at a time.
  • Archive your live events and make them available to anyone, anywhere, after the fact.
  • Effortlessly reach an amazingly broad and diverse audience, from 50 to 50,000 participants.

Take advantage of our technology to manage your event.

We understand the importance of keeping your events live to a long time to the vast audience. We never compromises instead promise you the uninterrupted live events with even a dial up connections.

  • Use media server for participant’s history and attendance reports to score and analyze leads.
  • Provide immediate feedback. During the webcast, you can ask for comments or mount an instant poll.
  • Share events with your friends through social network such as facebook, twitter.

Get assistance from our experts anytime you need it.

Get real time guidance and technical support during your event.

  • Get your events planned and prepared with an experienced and expert practitioner.
  • You will get online support as well as the telephonic support.
  • Make your future events more interactive and successful by learning best practices from our veterans.

Live Webcasting Software Product Features

  • Live event planning becomes one touch access.
  • One click invitation to the e-mail ID’s and people.
  • Feedback feature to evaluate webcasted events.
  • Record live event and make it available afterwards.
  • Edition of produced video for live webcasting needs.
  • Watch events as real time with HQ video feed even at limited bandwidth.
  • Get live assistance when need arises.
  • Web based technology restricts any hardware installation.
  • Invite limitless audience.
  • Cloud based hosted SAAS service

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