Surat Police Net Intercom & Surveillance System

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The Problems (Surat Police)

  • Implement Ultra Low Cost Net Broadcasting and Video Conference Facility for Surat Police
  • Locations as remote as Sachin/ Hazira
  • Operators with very low to no computer knowledge
  • Hardware budget per location in sub 50K
  • Requirements of Interacitve VC, Notifications, and Motivational Video messages

The Problems (Remote VAN Surveillance)

  • Receive Live Feed from Cameras fitted on VANs
  • No Option but to use 2G datacards
  • Need to receive High Quality Live Video Feed for Monitoring Purpose
  • Use the feed to collect penalties from owners of cars parked in no parking zone


  • Innovative Initiative from Surat Police
  • Entire Video Conference Facility implemented using Intel Atom Netbooks (VMukti Technology needs Ultra Low CPU usage)
  • Operator’s Educational Qualifications made irrelevant (VMukti Technology runs as windows service in Auto recovery mode. – No Technical Knowhow necessary)


  • Patent Pending VMukti technology Used Low Bandwidth for High Quality
  • Broadcasting Kit fitted in the VAN
  • Use of BSNL Datacards
  • Printing of Photos with location and Date and time to issue tickets to cars parked in No parking zone

Success Highlights

  • It has become easier for Surat Police to monitor disturbed areas or suspicious in city for the search of antisocial elements.
  • Surat Police is now monitoring the major movements on the main roads and as well as the small parts of the city as part of a state-level plan to fight terror.

Success Highlights

  • The communication between the different branches of city police with the commissioner has become much faster and more reliable.
  • It is not only helping the city police in curbing the crime rate but also making police operations more productive and making it possible to serve the citizens in a very efficient way.



" It’s been a great pleasure being associated with VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is only due to our strong association and relation. We are more happy and satisfied with the services offered as Mobile Van Surveillance System and Net Intercom System and with VMukti’s exhaustive range of software products and services. This collaboration has given Surat City Police an added advantage to keep an eye on all major parts and as well as the small parts of the city and I can confidently recommend VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as a solid and reliable in its exhaustive range of software product and services and experts in their field. "
Bharat Patil - ASI Surat Police Computer Cell